New Book – Are You Alive?

Before crossing to the other side, he began to prepare to not die again. Was he successful, or did he perish in hell?Tweet Click this link to download the eBook at Amazon - Check out new book release - Are You Alive? - on Amazon:

New Book Alert!

Before crossing to the other side, he began to prepare to not die again. Was he successful, or did he perish in hell? There is something that keeps mankind alive on this earth - just like a car moving around on the power of its battery. Are You Alive? is a new book being published … Continue reading New Book Alert!

Not By Sight

Yes, you must have heard that many times. If only you can ponder on it one more time. What was the Spirit of God saying to us as believers when He said, "We walk by faith and not by sight"? In my previous post on Do You Believe God, I said, "The earth draws you … Continue reading Not By Sight

You Are Not Alone

In a dry and patched land, where there is no water. No bread. But anguish and pain. Loneliness. You cry within and without as though there is no remedy. Your heart racing as though towards the house of death. Desperation and anger. Who can help? Tweet Who can bring succor to my anguish soul? You … Continue reading You Are Not Alone

Do You Believe God?

This post has part one and two. There is a link at the bottom to take you part two. I know your answer would probably be Yes I do! I won't doubt you. On who do you place your trust? Who is your backbone? What is your support structure? How do navigate through the smooth … Continue reading Do You Believe God?

Say It!

Say it! Say what? "You shall also decide and decree a thing, and it shall be established for you; and the light [of God’s favor] shall shine upon your ways." Job 22:28. That is right! Well, I know it might seem far-fetched from you. But it should not be. IF you are in Christ and … Continue reading Say It!

More or Less?

There is a place. A habitation. A Clothing. That man desires everyday - without which life becomes gruesome as the fate of many homeless. I walked through downtown on a rainy Saturday looking for a rain jacket to shelter me from torrential light rain that beclouded the landscape of the city. I beheld everywhere many … Continue reading More or Less?

Your Secret Place

"Then I looked, and behold, a whirlwind was coming out of the north, a great cloud with raging fire engulfing itself; and brightness was all around it and radiating out of its midst like the color of amber, out of the midst of the fire. Also from within it came the likeness of four living … Continue reading Your Secret Place

Head of Witches Dethroned

Do you know you are the head of witches and wizards? Please don't laugh! Well, I can imagine some of you shifting uncomfortably. Don’t worry. Shift as much as you can. I'm talking about it. It doesn’t change the truth.Tweet In fact let me step it up. Do you know you are the head of … Continue reading Head of Witches Dethroned

Word For You!

To whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? On whom has His word alighted? Speak! Speak His words! Utter His counsel. For like a tender sheep you shall grow at His side. He will cause His face to shine upon you. Who has seen His face? Who has beheld His glory? Walk in His … Continue reading Word For You!

What Controls You?

Interesting as that sounds, it is real. You can argue against it if you like, but it is as true as days and nights. Knowingly or not, there’s first an invisible influence over our lives that energizes us or circumstances around us. Many say, we are a product of our environments. A nation returning from … Continue reading What Controls You?

Who Am I?

The earth lonely and limiting.Righteousness and sins.Love and hate.Peace and wars.Health and sickness.Hope and faith.I choose life.Tweet Where is this?How did we get here?Why sin of all things? GroaningTo be clothed with YouLonely a placeAmidst jeering and cheering Just want to behold YouThinking more about YouThe more lonely the earth feelsThe more real You areWant … Continue reading Who Am I?

Do You See?

What do you mean by that? That will be the response of many to such a question. You surely can see if you are reading this post. But I'm referring to the eyes of your mind. Your ability to understand beyond what is seen. To see the force behind what you see, hear, feel, taste … Continue reading Do You See?

He Is Holy

The Lord is holy. Too holy to behold iniquity. He is holy. The Heavenly Father on high is a Holy God! He is. Lord, help us to see with our spirits Your Holiness that we can also grow in; that we can constantly be dressed in it. That we may always put on Christ. That … Continue reading He Is Holy

Deeper Intimacy

Be careful what you wish upon yourself. Be careful. Yesterday I said to myself, "It's been a while I wrote something, Lord." And I went through the day trying to beat jet lag in the best way I know. And I did. I laid to sleep and woke up this morning with a song in … Continue reading Deeper Intimacy

Quench Not My Spirit

"Quench not my Spirit by which I have sealed you until the day of redemption." Yes, quench not. "Grieve not my Spirit. For many have grieved my Spirit by their words; by their actions." But I hear, "Quench not my Spirit." "Walk with me. Let me help you. Speak with me, let me help you. … Continue reading Quench Not My Spirit

True or False?

What are your fears? The visible or invisible? True or false? Do you fear that you are not a match for that fallen being? Tell me! Does he get so big in your mind that you are so conscious of him every now and then? Well, maybe we need to check the scriptures a bit … Continue reading True or False?

You Are Not Doomed!

He was dragged through the darkest street leading to death. He sinned in no way or form but on a mission to redeem mankind. He was named and shamed. He had no comeliness nor form. If there were sins on Him, the torment would have been justified. But He had none. The Father looked down … Continue reading You Are Not Doomed!

One Ninety Nine

You probably thought that I'm trying to market One Ninety Nine Series Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. Far from it. The 199 series struck a cord in me in relation to something very fundamental for every Christians. So, don't dream about SLR McLaren for now. 😊 What do I mean by one ninety nine? Well, it won't … Continue reading One Ninety Nine

Limited Edition

Like a limited edition of some cars, faith is a limited edition amongst mankind. Always alone. It’s a lonely path but a direct route to God’s realm. Faith realm is not common even amongst the household of God. Did He not say in Luke 18:8, β€œWhen the Son of man comes back, shall He find … Continue reading Limited Edition

Do You Know Your Father?

That is a question one asks when the paternity of a child is in question or the child is orphaned or abandoned long before he could say a complete sentence. I know your answer will be affirmative because you have experienced the love of your father starting from childhood. But the answer will be different … Continue reading Do You Know Your Father?

What Are You Wearing?

I woke up this morning, saying in my heart, "Lord, I want to write something, but there is no inspiration. I don't want to write from my previous day's activities, lest some of the people on my list think, "Oh, he is writing about me." No! Not at all. That won't edify. I want to … Continue reading What Are You Wearing?

Are You Alive?

Well, I know you are puzzled at that topic. Not to worry. Just follow me, even if you muttered to yourself, "What type of question is that?" There is something serious we need to talk about here. As long as you are reading this, you are physically alive. Maybe spiritually as well if you are … Continue reading Are You Alive?

In My Name

After writing the post on "How do you end your prayers", I have constantly had this nudge to write about IN MY NAME. In Jesus Name. Thank you Lord Jesus for who You are. In Your Name, we have access to all that You are to us in this life and in the life to … Continue reading In My Name

How do you end your prayers?

Many of us have age-long language vocabularies built from upbringing, education, work environment etc from which we subconsciously draw our responses to anyone and anything. The memory bank is so vast that we all have pre-programmed responses (call it auto-response like in your phone) for any conversation we are engaged in. Well, that is why … Continue reading How do you end your prayers?


Sweetness! Yes, the sweetness. Flowing like rivers. Not bitterness. Not bile. Not darkness. But sweetness. For you have spewed much bitterness all around. But My sweetness has not many embraced. It shall flow from the place of My communion. Communion of My Spirit. The sweet fellowship of My Spirit. It shall flow. Let not bitterness … Continue reading Sweetness

Does He Know You?

Yes. Does He? I'm talking about personal relationship. Does He know you? I know He knows you, but I’m talking about a deeper two-way special relationship between you and Him. Not in the general sense of it. The same way Enoch, Abraham, Moses, David, Jeremiah, Paul and others have personal relationship with Him. Don't get … Continue reading Does He Know You?


Yes. Consumed totally. Not by enemy. But by the Most High. Consumed with His sweetness. I didn't say goodness. I mean His sweetness in His presence. Far above any earthly experience. In Judges 9:11, Jotham, the Son of Gideon, rose one day after all his seventy brothers had been killed by his step brother, Abimelech … Continue reading Consumed!

This Body!

The natural realm is a burden. Yes, it is! Burden to the spirit realm. Burden to the life of God in us. "While we live in these earthly bodies, we groan and sigh, but it’s not that we want to die and get rid of these bodies that clothe us. Rather, we want to put … Continue reading This Body!

In Your Presence

In Your Presence! There is fullness of joy. And pleasure forever more. Your presence in me. Dwelling in me. With me. Fullness of joy! Pleasures forever more. Your Presence. The God of the whole earth. Your indwelling Spirit. Infilling Presence. Shekinah glory of the Most High. For He dwell not in temples made with hands. … Continue reading In Your Presence


Yeah! Perplexed but not in despair. Pressed but not crushed. Broken but not destroyed. Weary yet strong. His Word lighted upon Jacob - yeah upon Israel. I am Israel of God! Hear me loud! Lights every man. Where will I behold His face? His glory? In the darkest hours of the night. All flesh asleep … Continue reading Perplexed!

I’m Possessed

Yes I am! Well, you won't understand but I will try to let you. Strongly possessed. By what or who? I will tell you. Let me start with Mark 5: 2 - 5"As Jesus stepped ashore, a demon-possessed madman came out of the graveyard and confronted Him. This man continually lived among the tombs, and … Continue reading I’m Possessed

Gasping for Breath!

I didn't want to write this but as I turned to do other things, my heart kept going back to it. I wanted to do something else, but there was a strong restriction in my heart. It was like, "Focus on this for now." So I decided to. Let me start from what woke me … Continue reading Gasping for Breath!

My Insanity Gone!

Let me start by saying that what I'm about to share had nothing to do with my ability whatsoever. The Lord Jesus did it. And all the glory belongs to Him and the God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named. So let's go. … Continue reading My Insanity Gone!

I’m Sorry, I died

Yes, I did. It’s a long story. I just found out. Was that a dream? Of course not. I’m not alive again. I know you will say, β€œCan the dead talk? Don’t say that to yourself! Don’t pronounce death on yourself!” I feel you. What’s death? Simply one of the evil angels. Not afraid of … Continue reading I’m Sorry, I died

I Raised The Dead

Yes! You read right! Not me but the Lord Jesus Christ. Well, let it not bother you much. I will share the experience of the dead that got raised towards the end of this piece, as well as explain to you. Don't miss listening to the song at the end of the post. Okay. First, … Continue reading I Raised The Dead

Am I Selfish?

24And the rich man cried out and said, Father Abraham, have pity and mercy on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, for I am in anguish in this flame.27Β And the man said, Then, father, I beseech you to send him to my father’s houseβ€”28Β For … Continue reading Am I Selfish?

Are You Good Because…

"Some people are good because they can't afford to be bad."- Billy Graham When I heard that, it got me thinking. He further explained that some people are still good because the habits that can get them to derail are expensive! Thank God for the high cost of those habits! Devil's habits are expensive. Glory … Continue reading Are You Good Because…

Great is Your Faithfulness

Great is Your faithfulness O Lord!From ages to agesFrom the sun up to sun downYour faithfulness stretches from eternity to eternity Your lovingkindnessYour sweet loveYour thoughtfulness towards usYour compassion that never failsGreat is your faithfulness Father It never ends!Without Him, we would all have had no hopeBut You reached out with Your loveLove divine providing … Continue reading Great is Your Faithfulness

He said in His Heart…

I was reading through the book of Genesis on the Flood of Noah and I got to Genesis 8:21 and read: β€œβ€¦Then the Lord said in His heart…” I was like, β€œOh He said in His heart! How did the writer of Genesis know what the Lord said in His heart?” They spoke as they … Continue reading He said in His Heart…

Walking With God

Enoch walked in a habitual fellowship with God. Noah, his grandson, also walked with God. He had a habitual fellowship with God. Genesis 5:22 & 24 AMPC"22Enoch walked [in habitual fellowship] with God after the birth of Methuselah 300 years and had other sons and daughters. 24And Enoch walked [in habitual fellowship] with God; and he … Continue reading Walking With God

Code GLF: New Year Resolution

You can read previous codes under the title "Detty' December by clicking here, otherwise you can proceed to Code 4 below. Not BFF. I'm talking of Code GLF.Not that I placed so much emphasis on "what not to dos" or "what to dos" in the new year. It never worked when growing up, especially if … Continue reading Code GLF: New Year Resolution

What Do You Take?

Awake! Like a prodigal son (same of daughter)Soul delights in pleasureTemporary but enduring anguishPleases a man's wayBut HOV lane to heavenEternal rest or damnation? Awake!Shake off your sleepDay far spentNight comesAnd another day comesCockcrow awakening Peter to righteousness Labour not for that which perishesThe booze fades awayThe "pleasure of sin" ceasesTarry not till judgement day! … Continue reading What Do You Take?

What Do You Know – Part One

The Book of Revelation in the Bible is the sweetest book of the Bible. Yes! You read right! I first read it when I was a little boy in primary school (i.e. elementary school) and I was dead scared because of the events in it and fierce punishment coming upon all people that sin and … Continue reading What Do You Know – Part One

What Do You Know – Part Two

If you haven't read part one of this story, you can click the link here to read it before proceeding to part two below. Fast forward to a few months later. I was trying to study and I felt an impression in my heart that I should start reading the Book of Revelation in the … Continue reading What Do You Know – Part Two

Perfect Love

I John‬ ‭4:18β€œThere is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.” Yes, perfect love! This is referring to God’s kind of love. Agape. The great love with which God the Father loved and still loves us. Here’s … Continue reading Perfect Love

Be Drunk With His Spirit

Like a wine I shall let it flow in the redness of intoxication. Drunk as I am, not of wine but His Spirit. That you may know where I have been; that I may not hide that which I have seen; that I may not hide that which I have heard. For it surpasses words of mouth; His Wine - His Gushing Mighty Wind! His Wine - His Unquenchable Holy Spirit. For should I utter it space shall not contain it. But in that seeing you do not see that my wine has not gone off my eyes Seeing that you are in stupor of His Spirit too. Will you deny His love? the heading or image to read more


αž˜αŸ‚αž“αž αžΎαž™ αžαŸ’αž‰αž»αŸ†αžŠαžΉαž„αžαžΆαž’αŸ’αž“αž€αž˜αžΆαž“αž€αžΆαžšαž„αžΏαž„αž†αŸ’αž„αž›αŸ‹αž…αŸ†αž–αŸ„αŸ‡αž”αŸ’αžšαž’αžΆαž“αž”αž‘αž“αŸ„αŸ‡αŸ” αž˜αž·αž“β€‹αž˜αžΆαž“β€‹αž€αžΆαžšβ€‹αž–αŸ’αžšαž½αž™β€‹αž”αžΆαžšαž˜αŸ’αž—αŸ” αžŠαžΎαžšαžαžΆαž˜αžαŸ’αž‰αž»αŸ† αž‘αŸ„αŸ‡αž”αžΈαž‡αžΆαž’αŸ’αž“αž€αž“αž·αž™αžΆαž™αž‘αŸ…αž€αžΆαž“αŸ‹αžαŸ’αž›αž½αž“αž―αž„αžαžΆ "αžαžΎαžŸαŸ†αžŽαž½αžšαž”αŸ’αžšαž—αŸαž‘αž“αŸαŸ‡αž‡αžΆαž’αŸ’αžœαžΈ?" αž˜αžΆαž“αžšαžΏαž„αž’αŸ’αž„αž“αŸ‹αž’αŸ’αž„αžšαžŠαŸ‚αž›αž™αžΎαž„αžαŸ’αžšαžΌαžœαž“αž·αž™αžΆαž™αž“αŸ…αž‘αžΈαž“αŸαŸ‡αŸ” αžŠαžšαžΆαž”αžŽαžΆαž’αŸ’αž“αž€αž€αŸ†αž–αž»αž„αž’αžΆαž“αžšαžΏαž„αž“αŸαŸ‡ αž’αŸ’αž“αž€αž“αžΉαž„αž“αŸ…αžšαžŸαŸ‹αžšαžΆαž“αž˜αžΆαž“αž‡αžΈαžœαž·αžαŸ” αž”αŸ’αžšαž αŸ‚αž›αž‡αžΆαžαžΆαž„αžœαž·αž‰αŸ’αž‰αžΆαžŽαž•αž„αžŠαŸ‚αžš αž”αŸ’αžšαžŸαž·αž“αž”αžΎαž’αŸ’αž“αž€αž”αžΆαž“αž€αžΎαžαž‡αžΆαžαŸ’αž˜αžΈαž“αŸ…αž€αŸ’αž“αž»αž„αž–αŸ’αžšαŸ‡αž‚αŸ’αžšαžΈαžŸαŸ’αž‘αŸ” αžŸαžΌαž˜αžαŸ’αžœαžΆαž™αžŸαž·αžšαžΈαž›αŸ’αž’αžŠαž›αŸ‹αž–αŸ’αžšαŸ‡αž‡αžΆαž˜αŸ’αž…αžΆαžŸαŸ‹! αž”αŸ‰αž»αž“αŸ’αžαŸ‚β€‹αžαŸ’αž‰αž»αŸ†β€‹αž˜αž·αž“β€‹αžŸαŸ†αžŠαŸ…β€‹αž‘αŸ…β€‹αž›αžΎβ€‹αžαŸ‚β€‹αž‡αžΈαžœαž·αžβ€‹αž•αŸ’αž›αžΌαžœβ€‹αž€αžΆαž™β€‹αž‘αŸ αžαŸ‚β€‹αžŸαŸ†αžŠαŸ…β€‹αž‘αŸ…β€‹αž‡αžΈαžœαž·αžβ€‹αž•αŸ’αžŸαŸαž„β€‹αž‘αŸ€αžαŸ” αžαŸ’αž‰αž»αŸ†β€‹αž…αž„αŸ‹β€‹αžŸαŸ†αžŠαŸ…β€‹αž‘αŸ…β€‹αž›αžΎβ€‹αž”αŸ’αžšαž—αŸαž‘β€‹αž˜αž½αž™β€‹αž“αŸƒβ€‹αž‡αžΈαžœαž·αžβ€‹αžŠαŸ‚αž›β€‹αž˜αž·αž“β€‹αž…αŸαŸ‡β€‹αž…αž”αŸ‹ αž‘αŸ„αŸ‡β€‹αž”αžΈβ€‹αž’αŸ’αž“αž€β€‹αžŸαŸ’αž›αžΆαž”αŸ‹β€‹αž‘αžΆαŸ†αž„β€‹αž€αžΆαž™β€‹αž“αŸ…β€‹αž›αžΎβ€‹αž•αŸ‚αž“αžŠαžΈβ€‹αž€αŸβ€‹αžŠαŸ„αž™αŸ” αž”αŸ’αžšαž—αŸαž‘αž“αŸƒαž‡αžΈαžœαž·αžαžŠαŸ‚αž›αž˜αžΆαž“αžαŸ‚αž–αŸ’αžšαŸ‡αž™αŸαžŸαŸŠαžΌαžœαž”αŸ’αžšαž‘αžΆαž“αŸ” αžαŸ’αž‰αž»αŸ†αž’αŸ’αž›αžΆαž”αŸ‹αž’αž’αž·αž”αŸ’αž”αžΆαž™αž‘αŸ…αž€αžΆαž“αŸ‹αž™αž»αžœαž‡αž“αž˜αŸ’αž“αžΆαž€αŸ‹αžŠαŸ‚αž›αž‡αžΏαž…αŸ’αžšαžΎαž“αž€αŸ’αž“αž»αž„αž‡αžΈαžœαž·αžαž“αŸαŸ‡αŸ” αž‚αžΆαžαŸ‹αž€αŸ†αž–αž»αž„αžšαžŸαŸ‹αž“αŸ…αž€αŸ’αž“αž»αž„αž‡αžΈαžœαž·αžαžšαž”αžŸαŸ‹αž‚αžΆαžαŸ‹αŸ” αžŠαžΌαž…αž’αŸ’αž“αž€αžαŸ’αž›αŸ‡αž“αž·αž™αžΆαž™αžαžΆ "αžŸαžΌαž˜αž±αŸ’αž™αžαŸ’αž‰αž»αŸ†αžšαžΈαž€αžšαžΆαž™αž“αžΉαž„αž‡αžΈαžœαž·αžαžšαž”αžŸαŸ‹αžαŸ’αž‰αž»αŸ†?" αžαŸ’αž‰αž»αŸ†β€‹αž”αžΆαž“β€‹αžŸαž½αžšβ€‹αž‚αžΆαžαŸ‹β€‹αžαžΆ β€œαžαžΎβ€‹αž˜αžΆαž“β€‹αžšαžΏαž„β€‹αž’αŸ’αžœαžΈβ€‹αž€αžΎαžβ€‹αž‘αžΎαž„β€‹αž…αŸ†αž–αŸ„αŸ‡β€‹αž”αž»αžšαžŸβ€‹αž˜αŸ’αž“αžΆαž€αŸ‹β€‹αžŠαŸ‚αž›β€‹αž‚αŸβ€‹αžƒαžΎαž‰β€‹αž€αžΆαž›β€‹αž–αžΈβ€‹αž˜αŸ’αžŸαž·αž›β€‹αž˜αž·αž‰β€‹αžŠαžΎαžšβ€‹αž‘αžΎαž„β€‹αž…αž»αŸ‡ αž›αŸ„αžβ€‹αžšαžαŸ‹ αž”αŸ‰αž»αž“αŸ’αžαŸ‚β€‹αžαŸ’αž„αŸƒβ€‹αž”αž“αŸ’αž‘αžΆαž”αŸ‹β€‹αžšαž€β€‹αžƒαžΎαž‰β€‹αžαžΆβ€‹αžŸαŸ’αž›αžΆαž”αŸ‹? αžšαžΆαž„αž€αžΆαž™αžšαž”αžŸαŸ‹αž‚αžΆαžαŸ‹αžŠαŸαž€αžŸαŸ†αž”αŸ‰αŸ‚αž αž“αž·αž„αž‚αŸ’αž˜αžΆαž“αž…αž›αž“αžΆαž“αŸ…αž…αŸ†αž–αŸ„αŸ‡αž˜αž»αžαž˜αž“αž»αžŸαŸ’αžŸ! αžαžΎβ€‹αž’αŸ’αžœαžΈβ€‹αž‡αžΆβ€‹αž—αžΆαž–β€‹αžαž»αžŸβ€‹αž‚αŸ’αž“αžΆβ€‹αžšαžœαžΆαž„β€‹αž‚αžΆαžαŸ‹β€‹αž–αžΈβ€‹αž˜αŸ’αžŸαž·αž›β€‹αž˜αž·αž‰β€‹αžŠαŸ‚αž›β€‹αž–αŸ„αžšαž–αŸαž‰β€‹αž‘αŸ…β€‹αžŠαŸ„αž™β€‹αž‡αžΈαžœαž·αžβ€‹αž”αŸ‰αž»αž“αŸ’αžαŸ‚β€‹αž‚αŸ’αž˜αžΆαž“β€‹αž…αž›αž“αžΆβ€‹αž“αŸ…β€‹αžαŸ’αž„αŸƒβ€‹αž”αž“αŸ’αž‘αžΆαž”αŸ‹? αžαžΎβ€‹αž‚αžΆαžαŸ‹β€‹αž”αžΆαž“β€‹αž‘αž»αž€β€‹αž’αŸ’αžœαžΈ? αžαžΎαž‚αžΆαžαŸ‹αž”αžΆαž“αž‘αŸ…αžŽαžΆ? αžαžΎαž˜αžΆαž“αžŸαž„αŸ’αžƒαžΉαž˜αžŸαž˜αŸ’αžšαžΆαž”αŸ‹αž‚αžΆαžαŸ‹αž€αŸ’αž“αž»αž„αž‡αžΈαžœαž·αžαž€αŸ’αžšαŸ„αž™αž¬? αž‚αžΆαžαŸ‹αž˜αž·αž“αž…αŸαŸ‡αž“αž·αž™αžΆαž™αŸ” αž“αŸ„αŸ‡αž αžΎαž™αž‡αžΆαž€αž“αŸ’αž›αŸ‚αž„αžŠαŸ‚αž›αžαŸ’αž‰αž»αŸ†αž“αžΉαž„αž‘αŸ…αŸ” αž˜αžΆαž“β€‹αž’αŸ’αžœαžΈβ€‹αžŠαŸ‚αž›β€‹αžšαž€αŸ’αžŸαžΆβ€‹αž”αž»αžšαžŸβ€‹αž“αž·αž„β€‹αžŸαŸ’αžαŸ’αžšαžΈβ€‹αž“αŸ…β€‹αž›αžΎβ€‹αž•αŸ‚αž“αžŠαžΈβ€‹αž“αŸαŸ‡αŸ” αžœαžΆβ€‹αž”αŸ’αžšαŸ€αž”β€‹αžŠαžΌαž…β€‹αž‡αžΆβ€‹αžšαžαž™αž“αŸ’αžβ€‹αž’αŸ’αžœαžΎβ€‹αžŠαŸ†αžŽαžΎαžšβ€‹αžŠαŸ„αž™β€‹αžαžΆαž˜αž–αž›β€‹αž–αžΈβ€‹αžαŸ’αž˜αŸ” αž“αŸ…αž–αŸαž›αžŠαŸ‚αž›αžαŸ’αž˜αž’αžŸαŸ‹αž αžΎαž™ αžšαžαž™αž“αŸ’αžαžˆαž”αŸ‹αž’αŸ’αžœαžΎαž…αž›αž“αžΆαžšαž αžΌαžαžŠαž›αŸ‹αž’αŸ’αž“αž€αžŠαžΆαž€αŸ‹αžαŸ’αž˜αž˜αž½αž™αž‘αŸ€αžαž“αŸ…αž€αŸ’αž“αž»αž„αž“αŸ„αŸ‡αŸ” αž˜αž“αž»αžŸαŸ’αžŸαž”αž“αŸ’αžαžŠαž€αžŠαž„αŸ’αž αžΎαž˜ αž“αž·αž„αžšαžŸαŸ‹αž“αŸ…αž›αžΎαž•αŸ‚αž“αžŠαžΈαž“αŸαŸ‡ αž–αžΈαž–αŸ’αžšαŸ„αŸ‡αž˜αžΆαž“αžœαž·αž‰αŸ’αž‰αžΆαžŽαž“αŸ…αž€αŸ’αž“αž»αž„αž˜αž“αž»αžŸαŸ’αžŸ αžŠαŸ‚αž›αž–αŸ’αžšαŸ‡αžŠαŸαž˜αžΆαž“αž–αŸ’αžšαŸ‡αž…αŸαžŸαŸ’αžŠαžΆαž”αŸ†αž•αž»αžαž”αžΆαž“αžŠαžΆαž€αŸ‹αž“αŸ…αž‘αžΈαž“αŸ„αŸ‡αŸ” αž˜αž“αž»αžŸαŸ’αžŸαž‚αžΊαž‡αžΆαžœαž·αž‰αŸ’αž‰αžΆαžŽαžŠαŸ‚αž›αž˜αžΆαž“αž–αŸ’αžšαž›αžΉαž„αžšαžŸαŸ‹αž“αŸ…αž€αŸ’αž“αž»αž„αžšαžΌαž”αž€αžΆαž™αŸ” αž“αŸ…αž–αŸαž›αžŠαŸ‚αž›αž”αž»αžšαžŸ αž¬αžŸαŸ’αžαŸ’αžšαžΈαžŸαŸ’αž›αžΆαž”αŸ‹ αžœαž·αž‰αŸ’αž‰αžΆαžŽ αž“αž·αž„αž–αŸ’αžšαž›αžΉαž„αžαŸ’αžšαž‘αž”αŸ‹αž‘αŸ…αžšαž€αž–αŸ’αžšαŸ‡αžœαž·αž‰αŸ” αž”αŸ’αžšαž αŸ‚αž›αž‡αžΆαž™αžΎαž„αž‚αž½αžšαžαŸ‚αž˜αžΎαž›αžœαžΆαžαžΆαž˜αžœαž·αž’αžΈαž“αŸαŸ‡αŸ” αž“αŸ…αž…αŸ†αžŽαž»αž…αžαŸ’αž›αŸ‡αž€αŸ’αž“αž»αž„αž‡αžΈαžœαž·αžαžšαž”αžŸαŸ‹αž™αžΎαž„ αž™αžΎαž„αž˜αž·αž“αžŠαžΉαž„αž’αŸ’αžœαžΈαž‘αžΆαŸ†αž„αž’αžŸαŸ‹αŸ” αž”αŸ‰αž»αž“αŸ’αžαŸ‚β€‹αž–αŸαž›β€‹αž™αžΎαž„β€‹αž’αŸ†β€‹αž‘αžΎαž„β€‹αž”αž“αŸ’αžαž·αž…β€‹αž˜αŸ’αžŠαž„αŸ— αž™αžΎαž„β€‹αž”αžΆαž“β€‹αžŠαžΉαž„β€‹αž–αžΈβ€‹αž”αžšαž·αžŸαŸ’αžαžΆαž“β€‹αžšαž”αžŸαŸ‹β€‹αž™αžΎαž„αŸ” αžαžΎαž’αŸ’αž“αž€αž’αŸ’αž›αžΆαž”αŸ‹αž†αŸ’αž„αž›αŸ‹αžαžΆ "αžαžΎαžαŸ’αž‰αž»αŸ†αž€αŸ†αž–αž»αž„αž’αŸ’αžœαžΎαž’αŸ’αžœαžΈαž“αŸ…αž‘αžΈαž“αŸαŸ‡? αžαžΎαž“αŸαŸ‡αž‡αžΆαž’αŸ’αžœαžΈαž“αŸ…αž›αžΎαž˜αŸαžƒ? αžαžΎαž’αŸ’αž“αž€αžŽαžΆαžŠαžΆαž€αŸ‹αžœαžΆαž“αŸ…αž‘αžΈαž“αŸ„αŸ‡? … Continue reading αžαžΎαž’αŸ’αž“αž€αž“αŸ…αžšαžŸαŸ‹αž‘αŸ?