Before crossing to the other side, he began to prepare to not die again. Was he successful, or did he perish in hell? There is something that keeps mankind alive on this earth – just like a car moving around on the power of its battery.

Are You Alive? is a new book being published by Anchor Missionary Foundation. The book will be released on January 25 and it will be available in paperback format and eBook on Amazon.

We have witnessed people, family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers, depart to the other realm from the day we all realized we were on the enclosure known as Earth. Nobody has seen them return. That begs the question in all of our minds: What have they become in the invisible realm they have entered?

As we progress through life, we know that we are all moving closer to leaving, which necessitates a serious analysis of our existence on Earth. We are here for a reason, and that reason cannot be outside of God’s plan. Life without Jesus is meaningless, regardless of riches or poverty. Anyone who does not believe in Jesus is destined to eternal damnation.

Are You Alive? brings stories and experiences on how to live life to the fullest and ensure we walk in the plan of God for our lives. In the end, we will dwell with Him in eternity where there is no sorrow, nor weeping, nor crying, nor diseases.

If you will like to order for free copies, click go here to submit your request.

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