The King of Glory Thunders

thunderThe King of Glory Thunders. By His Spirit! He came down to indwell us. Who are we to receive You, the Lord of lords, the Lord of Host. He humbled Himself to us. The epiphany of humility!  The Divinity amongst men. The Mighty One arrived. The Thunderous Presence of the Trinity. Mighty in manifestation. The Power of the Godhead! The Lord of lords descended in a mighty rushing wind; like fire to burn the tares. The Lord of Glory thunders. Who dare to believe Him?…click here to read more


hope2Hope! Hope!! Hope in the Lord, my heart. In the heart of darkness is hidden the birth of a new day. Gloomy and shadowy as the valley of death. As silence and hollowness rent the wilderness of Kadesh, the wilderness so fearful and tiresome was the son of man in pursuit of life. Shadow! Oh, empty shadow of night! Scary as the unseen agent of darkness. It appeared man was alone. Lonely. Oh, Loneliness of heart, sickening as the stupor of the wine. Hanging over. Let me go, the heart cries. Flying away to where the rest is, there I shall lie down amidst Your creatures and shall see comfort…click here to read more

Even Thou The Wine Fails


Yesterday I prepared for the revelry. Oh, in exhilaration of festivity was I, being stung inwardly with the glow of affection and joy – for the day of my forward-looking thoughts and love was creeping in like the daylight. Aglow! My heart was. Merry, Oh, merry, you are a food for the solitude – a comforter of the lonely. Faces of pleasure met my eyes at merry gathering. The damsels blinked and beamed with smiles; and laughter caught up their eyes. All cheered and joyed…click here to read more

Weeping Endures For a Night

crying‘Take heart children,’ mother consoles. But sorrow has conquered it. But weeping endure for a night. Joy comes in the morning, when tears shall cease falling; when child shall weep no more; and the storm shall blow calm; and the sunlight shall pierce out after rain – A new dawn, glorious in His holiness. Rest, my soul, for He has gone forth like a man of war. He shall return with His spoils. Glorious than former Exalting the Throne of Grace! Alas! Envy not for great is His faithfulness…click here to read more

My King

jesusLet me stay on that where my heart lays; the Rock above all rocks; My King of Glory – the Tower of Refuge – My King! Have you seen His glorious Majesty adorned in strength like a morning sun? Adorned in fire announcing His arrival? The Consuming Fire! Hey, Eru Jeje! Arugbo Ojo! Arabata Ribiti! Mighty Rock of Ages! My King that spreads the sky like a curtain! Flavor and comeliness as sweet as roses of the field Yea, Lily of the Valley! In the warmth of the morning He springs forth. In the beauty of His holiness He exalts the throne of grace. Hey, come and receive boldness; come and receive His favour and mercy that never fail. Yea!…click here to read more

Be Drunk With His Holy Spirit

jesus2Like a wine I shall let it flow in the redness of intoxication. Drunk as I am, not of wine but His Spirit. That you may know where I have been; that I may not hide that which I have seen; that I may not hide that which I have heard. For it surpasses words of mouth; His Wine – His Gushing Mighty Wind! His Wine – His Unquenchable Holy Spirit. For should I utter it space shall not contain it. But in that seeing you do not see that my wine has not gone off my eyes Seeing that you are in stupor of His Spirit too. Will you deny His love?…click here to read more


motherTo whom shall we compare them. Yea, rubies cannot be their prices! Nor gold, nor silver For their price passes the value of the earth. She is sought for but freely given to the souls of the thirsty. Let not the heart deceive, for when sorrow looms in the depression of tears and pains; when the cringe of space exerts upon the fleshy bones of the infants In the pangs of hunger and thirst; there the lullaby of her voice urges the dim faces to sweet sleep…click here to read more

His Presence

stillEye may not see it; people may not behold it, but I know it. Like the call of the day in the birth of the dawn; as the cocks crow at the pitch of their voices; As the womb of the morning witnesses the gliding pace of the dark metamorphosing from black to blueness of the light; as the day dawns and the Daystar arises in my heart; My heart awakes to thy melody. My hope leaps in Your Everlasting Nature Beholding the freshness of the wind. Shhhh! Silence as the God of All Flesh is here!…click here to read more

His Visitation

praiseThe city of dust and confusion. Hmm, upon the dusty path I began to walk in the reluctance of my motion; at the baptism of its scorching sun. Behold the scenery of faces angered, desperate to the needs of life. Faces in heart-woven masks of cruelty and anger; in unrestful stances of nerves with pumped muscles toned to the drudgery of the days. Males and females not excluded; Young and old flocking in this race for survival. There I arrive myself; there the Light of Heaven shines. Awake in Your Strength, Oh Ancient of Days!The Majesty in His Glory…click here to read more

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