Served with wine and puffs. Indulging in pleasure and lust. The body is eroding and tearing away. Alas! Destroy not the body, I heard. For there is good use for it!

Who are you to say what I should do with my body? It belongs to me. Allow me to live my life as I please. Time ticks away. The music is the loudest. Eyes red like blood, gushing out with vices, yet hopeless.

There’s a knock at the door. You dashed to let in what your heart desires. Will you discover lasting pleasure? You decide. Pain causes the heart to swell. I tell you to pause the music and take a deep breath.

Where has thou been all this while? The cock crows and hearts alarmed with fear like on the Mount of Transfiguration. What’s the matter with you, mountain, that you skipped like a ram? Regrets? Pause the music and let the air breathe. Where has thou found all these that your heart crave for? Jesus is Lord.

Look unto Me! The earth reels under wickedness. Is there a help for the inhabitants? Sure! His love screamed from eternity to the earth. He wanted to come, and He did. The unseen becomes visible. From the spirit to the physical.
In splendor, He descended. And the Word became flesh. John 1:14. Do not be afraid, my soul. There is hope in His redemption.

Despite anguish and despair, the Light appeared to all mankind in the valley of death.

The Word became flesh. The Spirit inhabited the flesh. He poured Him without restraint. On that day, the fabric of the earth was torn open. Mighty gushing wind invaded the earth. Alarming sound like a torrent struck humanity. The Majesty on High descended. Lies, I don’t. For I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh,” He said through Prophet Joel. And He did. The Spirit came. He filled the earth while waiting to inhabit those that want. God forbid, I heard you. You have no part in Him if His Spirit does not dwell in you. Damnation awaits you. But love is now. Like a river flowing without end, the River of Life is here. Eternal glory of the One who sits on the throne forever.

Glory. Honor. Power. Majesty to Him who sits on the throne forever. To the Lamb slain from the foundation of the earth. To Him be glory and adoration. The Word became flesh and now dwells in us. Gone but still here. The Spirit of the Father.

The Spirit of Christ. Bringing love to mankind. Believe the Son and you shall be saved. Be filled with the Spirit, ye shall live.

Why does your flesh yearn for what perishes? Purchase gold but do not sell it. You have desired that which perishes. Raise your eyes, for your salvation is here. Believe in your heart and confess Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and you will be saved. You are not doomed, you can click to read later.

Let His Spirit inhabit you. Don’t you dare ignore Him sent to seal your eternal redemption. You are doomed if you do not know Him. God forbid! Fill yourself with Him who satisfies. Not of the wine variety. Neither the insane lust for life. Let Him fill you daily. Stay in that sleeping bed. Not to sleep, but for the infilling of His Holy Spirit. Tarry ye and let Him bellow on you from outside while still inside.

Stir up yourself from within and let Him fill thee. The Holy Spirit of God, The Helper. The Comforter. My Advocate. The Standby, The Strengthener. In the dry and thirsty land, Thou has flown in filling my thirsty soul with Your eternal water. The everlasting Well of Life. I drink and drink, intoxicated in the love of the Father. Do not keep Your wine from my mouth. Allow me to drink of Thee, My Maker. Fill me up until I’m full and to the overflow. Fill me to the point of stupor with Thy power, revelation, and encounters. Please transport me there. To the rock cliff where no eagle or vulture has ever been. Let me soar with You, My Lord. My Maker. My Father. In Your sweet embrace. Sweeter than any honey. Eternal love of my heart, shed abroad by Your Spirit. My Maker. My Helper. Revealing eternal mysteries to my heart. Who can know it. God of all flesh. To you all mankind will come to.

I worship the One who worships no one.

I repeat: I worship the One who worships no one. Click here to read more about why I said so. The praises of His people will ascend only to Him. My Lord. My Maker. My Father. The God of glory, who appeared to the ancient patriarchs but now lives in the hearts of those who have accepted His Son Jesus. Allow praise to ascend to You with vigor for who You are. I call You Father! I call You Master! I call You Maker! The Father of all spirits. You do wondrous things. Glorious things. Glory be to Your name forever and ever. Amen!

Be filled with His Spirit daily.

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