In a dry and patched land, where there is no water. No bread. But anguish and pain. Loneliness. You cry within and without as though there is no remedy. Your heart racing as though towards the house of death. Desperation and anger. Who can help?

Who can bring succor to my anguish soul? You cried. Lonely and despair. Weeping and wailing. It never endures forever. There is hope. He settles the solitary in family (Psalm 68:6). There is a path you have never walked before. There is a journey that leads to life. There is a path out of darkness. Out of the house of death into life. Out of sickness into healing. Out of lack to abundance. Out of the emotional trauma into health. There is Someone out there to help you. Can a mother forget her suckling child and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Even if she may, there is One that will never forget you! Isaiah 49:15-17. Let Him into your heart. You have struggled for so long. He is calling you to come to Him.

Come unto Me all you that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest – He said in Matthew 11:28. His love will overshadow your pain and take it away. His love will overwhelm you like never before. Let Him do it. Let Him take His position in your life. Receive His love. Receive His healing. For your sake, He was crucified on the cross. For your sake He bore sickness and diseases on His body on the cross (Matthew 8:17). The chastisement you have now was placed on Him years ago. Will you give them to Him? Will you let Him have them? He came so that you may have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10). That you may have eternal life. Life abundantly.

Father God, I hand over everything to You. I am tired of carrying this burden of stone in my heart. My heart aches non-stop from the pain of life. Who can help except You. I roll them to You my Lord. Accept them from me. Let healing come into my heart. Let Your healing come into my heart. I ask in the name of Jesus.

His healing has come. His deliverance has come. His power has overshadowed you. His healing has come. Receive what only Him can give. The Lord Jesus is flowing through your whole being giving you assurance. He has heard you and He has done it for you.

Go forward and listen to the song below. And let His soothing power flow into you and heal you in the name of Jesus!

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