The more you get closer to God.
The more you want to become more like Christ.
The more vulnerable you become.
Your flesh screams,
“Since you don’t want us to have a say in what you do
We’ll see how far that takes you”

You become vulnerable to those around you
Your senses are screaming at you
“You are so stupid!”
People ever attempting
To take advantage of you
Guess what?
The Lord Jesus said
If they ask for your clothes
Give them your cloak
Don’t be bothered if they want to cast you
Because of your newness in Christ
It’s a litmus test for your love walk
Is your salvation real?
Answer for yourself.

Love your enemies, as the Lord Jesus taught
Pray for those who take advantage of you
Allow them to use their senses to try to outwit you
But the Holy Spirit will put you over
Lean on Him
For as many as are led by Him…
They are what?
The sons of God
No gender bias
Maturity beckons at you
Embrace it.

Bread is good
Clothes are warming
But there is a place
Where the eagle’s eyes have not attained
No mortal comprehends its worth
It cannot be found in the land of the living
The deep says, “It is not in me”
The sea says, “It is not with me.”
Nor can its price be weighed out in silver (Job 28:12-28)
The Spirit of God says, Come up higher!
Will you?
Make up your mind!

Enter into His gates with thanksgiving
Into His court with praises
Bring an offering of worship
Before the Most High
To Mount Zion
The general assembly
Church of the firstborn
Registered in heaven
To God the Judge of all
To Jesus the Mediator of the new covenant (Hebrews 12: 22 – 24)
Eat of His manna that is incorruptible
Of which you are made. (1 Peter 1:23)
And let your soul find pleasure
In His words.

The Greater One within you is more
He is the Almighty!
He sees all things
Let Him lead you
Though their senses get ahead of them
And yours screams at you
The Lord is my Shepherd!
I shall not be in want
He doesn’t sleep or slumber!
He keeps an eye on you!
On me too!
Allow that to sink in!

He is mightier than all
Greater is He that is in you
The Greater One is in you
Is in me!

When they say there is a casting down
You scream
There is a lifting up!
I’m not going down!
The Greater One is in me!
Through Him who loves me
I am more than a conqueror.

In Christ Jesus
I am a new creation!
Say it!
Not by years
Still in Christ?
Still a new creation
You are divine!
I am from God!
I win because He won!
What He did belongs to me!
Also yours, if in Christ.

I am born of God!
I have the Spirit of God dwelling in me!
I’m over and not below!
He gets me over!

“How shall these come to pass?”
You often wonder
The Lord never changes
He brings to pass His Words
Done and dusted
It is up to you
Walk with Him and have faith
In your heart that He’s done it
Go about your business
Doing what He has given you per time
Waiting to see the manifestation
Of His words
In your life on earth
And all glory
Belongs to Him

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