My First Vision of The Lord

open_heaven2I met the Lord just in my final year in the university – in a Spirit filled campus fellowship that was full of young men and women from diverse backgrounds. Both rich and poor. Young and old. A wind of revival (as I will call it) had began to sweep across the land in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Much later I could count and see the industry experts, accomplished professionals from all walks of life; business executives, the “yuppies” all trouping to the Lord. Whao! The Revival of the Holy Spirit had hit Nigeria, especially Lagos! The Lord mightily saving the souls of men and women, bringing them into His Kingdom.  Click here to continue reading

My Story On Serving The Lord

brethren3David embarked on a journey for one year NYSC period in Enugu in 1994. He was full of hope that he would have more time to go all out for God to preach the Word in a different territory. Though the future haunted him in terms of job, shelter and survival generally, he was excited at the opportunity to do the work of God. David saw the power of God in operation by simple faith in His Words. For his love for God, he gave all – he sowed all his clothes to the needy. He was drunk in love for God. The experience of a new birth – being born again – was intoxicating him. Today, from being a solitary man, the Lord has set David in family. David is no longer a homeless fellow, but owns his own giving glory to the Lord. He gives shelter to the homeless. He feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, supports the orphans and widows, helps the poor in their education…click here to read more