I didn’t want to write this but as I turned to do other things, my heart kept going back to it. I wanted to do something else, but there was a strong restriction in my heart. It was like, “Focus on this for now.” So I decided to.

Let me start from what woke me up this morning. In my sleep, I heard a still small voice in my heart, saying:

“They follow the letter and not the Spirit.”

That is like what the prophets of old would say, “And the Word of the Lord came to me…”

And I woke up! My dialogue with Him ensued as follows.

“But Lord, you set in the church pastors. Who else are they suppose to follow?”

“They follow the letter and not the Spirit,” the Lord repeated.

“Who are “they”? Well, I don’t know! You and I know I don’t follow letters. I know it kills. You will not ask me to choose between letter and Spirit. You know already what my answer will be.”

Suddenly, I understood the direction the Lord was speaking into. Don’t we sometimes be talking D when the Lord is saying A?

“I understand You Lord. But Lord, You know if people don’t echo the pastors’ speeches, they will be termed as non-committals.” End of discussion. Off I went to gradually start the day.

Bu the Lord brought the sentence back so strong in my heart. “They follow the letter and not the Spirit.”

“Lord, what do You want me to do with it? I don’t follow letters. I love You. Your presence is full of joy and at Your right hands are pleasure forever more. I will rather give up everything for Your presence. For Your Spirit. Not the letters!”

Then I heard, “Write!”

So, I’m writing as commanded of the Lord.

The Lord Jesus said in John 6:63:

“The Holy Spirit is the One who gives life, that which is of natural realm is of no help. The words I speak to you are Spirit and life. But there are still some of you who don’t believe.”
The Passion Translation

And we have such trust through Christ toward God. Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God, who also made us sufficient as ministers of the new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.
2 Corinthians 3: 4 – 6.

Our pastors (called of God) are men of like passion, loving the Lord as well as aspiring more and more to know the Lord. Doing their best to bring us to the knowledge of God. In the words of Apostle Paul above, their sufficiency is or should be from God to be the minister of the new covenant (the new redemptive realities), not of the letter (laws and decrees, motivational speaking) BUT of the Spirit, FOR THE LETTER KILLS (it brings into spiritual blindness and death. Maybe physical death) BUT THE SPIRIT GIVES LIFE!

Please don’t have an attitude here. The Lord said, “Many quote their pastor’s words. They eat the word and expect my power to come forth. They follow the letter and ignore my Spirit. For it is the words out of My mouth that give life. The flesh profits nothing. Follow My Spirit that is behind the word and live. Not the letter.”

Look closely at your pastors, discern the dominant grace of God operating in his life; follow closely to understand what makes him/her who s/he is; track the principles of God or the words of God that reign in His life. Go after those words of God. Ask the Lord to reveal the life in His words to you. Ask the Lord to show you the life in those words. And walk in the life of those words.

Our pastors are men of like passion. Like Elijah who was spoken of as being of a like passion. They are like us. Many times they add “jara” to everything. Jara in a local dialect means “extra”. Many times, in the bid to break down the words to us in a chewable form, they use simpler words to explain and get into jara mode; they dilute it so that new believers or spiritually immature ones or spiritual giants will understand. That is right in itself.

But you must know that the source of life is in the scripture (i.e. the word of God) that is being explained by our pastors. There is a spirit behind the scripture. The power is in the scripture. The Lord will honor His words at all times. It is His words that the angels hearken to.

When you face circumstances in life, it is the word of God (the scriptures that led to pastor’s explanations) that you confess. The Lord Jesus said, “The words I speak to you are Spirit and life.” It is His words that bring life and power.

You speak out of the abundance of His words in your heart. You believe His words in your heart; and confess the words! Not the letter! Not the motivational soundbites! No! Not at all! They are to help you understand the Word. Yes, they are! So therefore they are letters. Go back to the Word of God that led to all the explanations. Go back to the Word. Put the Word in your hearts. Meditate on the Word. Speak the Word! And the Lord forever magnifies His Word and even His name above everything else! Check Psalms 138:2 in Amplified Classic Edition.

Go back to the Word. Search scriptures. Consolidate the Word in your heart.

“The words I speak to you are Spirit and life.” John 6: 63

“The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life” 2 Corinthians 3: 6

Let it sink in. It’s like saying “Pay attention to My words and you shall live in God’s realm. Pay attention to motivational speaks and you shall live in the sense realm. Pay attention to man’s wisdom and you shall live like men. Pay attention to My Words and you shall reign in life.”

Oh yes! You shall reign in life through Christ Jesus (Romans 5:17).

Well! I’m done. The unction is lifted. Rather, the burden is lifted. I hope you are blessed with the exhortation. I hope the pastors are also blessed. I love you pastors. You are amazing people, laboring all the time to nourish the sheep of our Lord Jesus; cleaning them up and tendering to them; watching over us. Ko easy! While doing that, I know you know that many of your sheep become more vulnerable to you and will eat anything a loving and charismatic shepherd provides. Please and please, just tone it down a bit. Don’t put too much sugar in the milk. I know you can turn off the performance sometimes. It won’t make them leave. They already love you. Point them more and more to your Boss, the great Shepherd, the Lord Jesus. Point them to His words more and more. Pontificate on His words. Let His words (the way He said them) be your soundbites.

Last last, we shall all receive our rewards at the judgement seat of Christ. Well done pastors!

I know you are all smiling, saying, “Ah, what a sweet word!” They deserve our love. You too. Well, to say all this without offending anyone is an act of the Lord. It is the Holy Spirit in me helping me.

Glory to God in the highest. Have a glorious day.

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One thought on “Gasping for Breath!

  1. This has taught me not only to depend on what my pastor preaches but on the word which God directs to me. I should have the habit of going back to the scriptures and knowing what the Lord says to me. And when God gives me a vision or tells me to do something I should do it and not do anything else. Praise God✨

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