Let me stay on that where my heart lays
Stay on the Rock above all rocks
For many are the sons of men
But – Yea! Mine is the Son of His Father
My King of Glory
Who does valiantly in battle
Glorious in Holiness – Yea! Fearful in praises
Wonder! Wonder!! Above all. The Most High

The Tower of Refuge – My King!
Have you seen His glorious Majesty adorned in strength like a midday sun?
Adorned in fire announcing His arrival? The Consuming Fire!
Hey, Eru Jeje! Arugbo Ojo! Arabata Ribiti! Mighty Rock of Ages!
My King that spreads the sky like a curtain!

Shhh! Let the mortal kings of the earth be silent before My King
Whose dog is wagging tail before God?
He knows you not, workers of iniquities, sons of Belial!
For you are mortals, dust to dust – ancestors to ancestors
Who is akobi Eledumare? Will thou take My King’s name or His place?
Nebuchadnezzar ate dust to senses!
Herod ate up by worms! Who are thou?
Depart ancestral iniquities – Yea! ancestral sacrifices and live, kings of the earth!
Earth to earth, hell to hell – Except that you accept My King as Lord and Saviour
Save thy soul and perish not!

Let me not wander away from Him – My Immortal King
Let not the daughters of the city take me away from Him
Nay! Take Him away from me
For in swiftness have I lept upon my guide
That I may get that which my heart delights in
That which my soul longs and lingers on – the Supremacy of His
Bold as ever in His Lion of nature
Daring as the King of the jungle

Who shall stand Him?
In the battles of life, He has triumphed
Soaring like an eagle to His height
Stay in his wings for I shall attain
For in the sun of life He basks

In the height of mountains, He climbs
I shall leap and be flown to His height
Stay me in and let not my grips fail

Let not my heart fail me
For I have beheld His strength
For I have beheld His zeal and action
For I have stood in the face of His vigor
And have beheld His in-strength of power and resolute!

Yea cannot be compared!
No, not to any. Nay, not to any I know!
Not to the living I know!
For in the strength of His power He has rested
His Strength new as the morning
Daring as the morning sun blaring vigor

Flavor and comeliness as sweet as roses of the field
Yea, Lily of the Valley! In the warmth of the morning He springs forth
In the beauty of His holiness He exalts the throne of grace

Come and receive boldness
Come and receive His favour and mercy that never fail
Yea! Come and receive His instead of need

Yea! Who shall compare to Him?
Yea, who shall march Him in strength?
Army to army – strength to strength – Yet, in the swiftness of power
His stone has slung into the strength of Philistine

Yea, shall you equal him?
Yea, I plead thee to desist from fighting Him?
For He shall not spare His sword from flesh
Nor His arrows from blood
For like a warrior He goes out
Like a conqueror He returns
His arms of grace have gotten Him all He desires
His caliber of host has thronged Him with spoils

Yea, fearfully and wonderfully made of Him
That triumphing, I am
In the strength of the Holy One
Yea, who shall turn me back!
Who shall turn me away from Him?

Yea! For many are the warriors
But Mine triumph above them all!
Stay me not away from Him
Lest I flee thee!

For mine is the Most High – The Excellency of Beauty
The embodiment of power and love
Stay me in His heart that I may praise Thee
That my soul may bless Thee
That heaven may know that thou has obeyed thine heart

Yea, let me stay in Your Presence, my King, and I shall praise thee!
Yea, I shall praise thee My King!
My Maker!


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