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Not BFF. I’m talking of Code GLF.
Not that I placed so much emphasis on “what not to dos” or “what to dos” in the new year. It never worked when growing up, especially if it’s from a soulish point of view. Just a day after new year, or say a week, all heaven is broken loose. Achieved some, lost some and never attempted some.

Simple situations. Complex ones. Some within our control. Some without. The whole world is intertwined. One event or series of events in one part or more affects many. Even within our own jurisdiction. It becomes a cycle of events. Even cycles

I consoled myself, “Well, life goes on. What can I do?” Yes, I.

It got better over the years as I learnt a better code to make my resolve come to pass.

In 2022, despite all prophetic declarations, I resolve to seek God more. I desire to know Christ more. To experience the love of the Father in every way; to experience the presence and sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit all through the year. I desire to love the Lord more. To be immersed in Him. In His Word. To have more faith in His Word. To pray more. To put to use every gifts He has put in me. Nothing but Him in all things. Oh that I may be lost in Him. Filled with His Spirit in every good work.

Walking by Him; living by Him. And let all I do emanate from Him. Whether I work or play or quest for Him, let my life be filled with His divine nature.

That is my Code GLF

My good code.

  • The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ that brings salvation, teaching me to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts; that I should live soberly, righteously and godly in this present age (Titus 2:11 -12)
  • The Love of God that is constantly shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit; that translates me from death to life; that casts out fear and makes me to cry Abba Father. The love of God that constrains me.
  • The presence and Fellowship of the Holy Spirit. The aroma of His presence within and with me! Oh the Holy Spirit!

That is my Code GLF.

I can do it through Christ who strengthens me.

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