To whom shall we compare them
Yea, rubies cannot be their prices!
Nor gold, nor silver, nor diamond
For their price passes the value of the earth

Sought for but freely given to the souls of the thirsty

Let not the heart deceive
For when sorrow looms in the depression of tears and pains
When the cringe of space exerts upon the fleshy bones of the infants
In the pangs of hunger and thirst
There the lullaby of her voice urges the dim faces to sweet sleep

Let no one wakes mine up, whispers the heart of gold

In the outpouring of affection so real
When she sleeps, she wakes
In the emptiness of darkness, she rolls her over
Ever caring and never hating
With her bowel yearning for that which comes off her
The bundle of joy
And the expression of her procreation
The heritage of the Lord
The excellency of her beauty and passion

Yea, I have not seen – Nay, not comparable anywhere
The rays of light and hope
Of passion and radiance
That beclouds her
Holding the child of her bosom in her hands

Let no heart says no to this
For mother is mother
She shall not fade away
Not like a smoke, for there she has seen
All that we ever grow to know
All that we ever get to fall on
Mother, to thee we owe all

In the sweetness of your heart
Your heart of selfless love and passion
We drink of waters of life
Held tenderly in your hands
That we suffocate not in infancy

Heaven reward thee – Yea, the God of all flesh
Visit you according to His Mercies
For as a faithful servant you have done
Obeisance to His heavenly command of nursing us
That we see the light of adulthood in the divine purpose of His
May God reward thee. Blessed among women
That His praise may reign over thee

Mother, sorrow not
For there His blessings surpass gold of Africa
Nay! The joy of your heart has come
Here He comes to fill you with all pleasures
You shall behold it and your heart – Yea!
Your heart shall be glad

Should there be any sweeter than honey – mother you are
Let not my heart depart loving you for you excel among all
Let my hands feed you as your frailty surfaces
Let my eyes behold you in love as your strength fades

Let your eyes close in glory to your awaiting Maker
To everlasting joy that knows no boundary

Mother cannot be forgotten
For their prices pass rubies or gold!

For all mothers going through one anguish or the other, May the Lord settle their hearts today in the might name of Jesus!

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