I hear the Lord saying,

This is the time. Now is the time when the church of our LORD shall be exalted above the mountain, above the hills; the glory of the LORD, the hour of His beauty; the shining forth of His Excellency and power to the inhabitants of the earth.

For in time past, they have despised His church, they have lightly esteemed the Most High. But now shall He arise; now shall He cause His rain to fall upon the earth; great and mighty rain of the LORD; the abundance of blessings upon His people; for by it shall His church be lifted up above, far above all. For He that is from above is above all. Now shall His church take its glorious place in the heavenlies, far above all principalities and powers.

Now shall the powers be shaken. The falling of the stars; the darkening of the sun; the gathering of His people in one faith, one baptism; the glorification of His church. Now shall the forces of gentiles come. People shall behold them who are from above, set on the hills that cannot be hidden – the mountains of the LORD and people shall run into it to seek of the LORD. Now is the time!

I hear! Close the ranks, says the Lord. For my days have come. I shall recompense on the evil and give glory to my Sons. Arise in your strength says the Lord. Arise like a man of old. Rise upon your watch for I bring upon the earth a new season. A season of honor, a season of my glory. For I will shake to the earth that which does not glorify me. I will cause to cease that which does not honour my names. A new season has come! A new glory. Arise! Arise! For my glory has come.

I am releasing upon the face of the earth a new innovation, a new understanding, a new invention! I shall glorify the sons of Levi – those that worship me in their hearts.

Arise, prepare your heart, for I shall speak my new things into your hearts. You shall know it. Have I not said to you that I am your God? Rely on me for I shall take you to the ends of the earth.

My glory shall cover the earth as waters cover the sea.

The LORD shall be glorified; the LORD shall be exalted. The LORD is GOD

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