Yesterday I prepared for the revelry
Oh, in exhilaration of festivity was I
Being stung inwardly with the glow of affection and joy
For the day of my forward-looking thoughts
Creeping in like the daylight

Aglow! My heart was
Merry, Oh, merry, a food for the solitude
A comforter

Faces of pleasure at merry gathering
People blinked and beamed with smiles and joy
Laughter caught up their eyes
All cheered and joyed
So did I share the joy I had wanted
All jewels adorned with affection and the graceful movements

But the day drew to an end with no satisfaction
Oh! The festivity went away as passing wind
No trace of joy was left of me, but
Trace of loneliness stung me like a bee

Days of revelries how strongly you are desired!
And wish you could never end
Only if, and only, I could not get nostalgic
Would I let go of your grip
Nostalgia! Memories departed at its end
Even though the revelry ends, there You are!

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