Pondering on this subject, the church needs to be careful and wise on how the NFPO governance code 2016 is implemented and sustained. The Lord Jesus said to Pilate that “You could have no power at all against Me unless it had been given you from above.” We know what that means. If the Financial Regulation Council (FRC) governance code for Not-For-Profit Organisations (NFPO) has been fought and yet it survives till now, there is something we need to ponder on. No power or law can come to the earth against the church except it is permitted by heaven.

Secondly, the Lord said I will shake the heavens and the earth; that those things that cannot be shaken will remain. If the Lord has permitted this to stand, then He is invisibly shaking the church for His own good. To purify the church for a greater glory. To set free the captives and the day of deliverance of our Lord. This is the time! This is the hour! To purify the sons of Levi! The hour of His deliverance!

Thirdly, let us critically look at events of life and learn from them. The very example that came to mind is the two tech giants in the world – Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

Bill Gates was the pioneer and the inventor of Microsoft…he ran this company for decades spearheading the development of all the various software under Microsoft.

A time came when the horizon changed…the 21st century arrived with the birth of new frontier technology companies like Google, Yahoo etc…the marketplace changed and Microsoft needed to change the game. Bill Gates resigned in 2000. Of course, it must have been a very hard decision for him, considering Microsoft was his baby…He was forced to “resign” in order to save the company from decline. He handed over the CEO role to Steve Ballmer.

Like what any man will do with emotional attachment to his dream and vision, he coined a new title for himself in Microsoft called Chief Software Architect while still the Chairman of Microsoft.

Hmmm. History had it that Bill intervened extensively in the leadership of the company, rivaling Steve – strong contention that could cause the company its fortune. Bill and Steve had a very miserable year(s) working after the hand-over. According to Steve, “When I became CEO, we had a very miserable year. Bill didn’t know how to work for anybody and I didn’t know how to manage Bill. I’m not sure I ever learned.”

Bill stopped full-time work in Microsoft in 2008 and devoted full time to his foundation – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He stepped down as chairman in 2014. Steve said he did his best work after Gates left his full-time job. You can imagine the rivalry, the loss of productivity and innovation, the struggle for supremacy etc.

Hmm, a lesson for the church as day after day pours out speech; and night after night reveals knowledge (Psalms 19:2).

So much to learn from this – anointing or no anointing, we are still human.

Our prayer is that the Lord will give the church leaders the wisdom and above all the patience and maturity to handle the transition or the change. Surely, it is going to shake them in little or great way too. No doubt! The LORD strengthens them in their inner man to see the Wisdom and direction of God in all this.

The important part of Bill Gates story is that when he fully focuses on his foundation, he has impacted and saved hundreds of millions of lives. His humanitarian work speaks better for him than his software prowess – a height of affecting lives health wise! Great accomplishments!

His move into the foundation is proverbial. It is like Jesus telling the disciple, “Go ye into the world and preach the gospel” But they stayed back in Jerusalem, sprinkling the salt and the light on themselves, building the mega churches, trading and all sorts…then the Lord allowed the chief persecutor in the name of Saul to start killing them…then the race to survive began…until the emperor smashed down the city, burnt the Jerusalem church down to ashes and all the early Christians fled Jerusalem for their lives…then the gospel spread to the ends of the earth…

The Lord helps us to apply our hearts to wisdom! I’m not a pastor. I just felt this in my spirit. God bless you all!

NFPO Governance Code 2016 downloadable at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxB1-bqcIt35dTdLT3NhUUdqUVU/view

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer story at http://www.businessinsider.com/why-steve-ballmer-and-bill-gates-have-drifted-apart-2016-11

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