Eye may not see it
People may not behold it
But I know it

Like the call of the day in the birth of the dawn
As the cocks crow at the pitch of their voices
As the womb of the morning witnesses the gliding pace of the dark
Metamorphosing from black to blueness of the light
As the day dawns and the Daystar arises in my heart

My heart awakes to thy melody
My hope leaps in Your Everlasting Nature
Beholding the freshness of the wind

Shhhh! Silence as the God of All Flesh is here!

I know I am there now
Journeying me into His secret place beyond eagle’s eyes
In the treasure of His palace
Walking down His vineyard
Sitting down near the still waters
Thrusting my line into the Water of Life
Water as clear as crystal and blue as morning sky
The beauty of holiness
As I sit in quietness and gentleness of my heart
At the coolness of His Presence
Enveloping me in an aura of grandeur
The gentleness and sweetness of His Presence
The pleasure of His Right Hands

For I know it is now

Sitting me in the reckless abandon of His Presence
My face on Him
My heart fixed on Him

Sitting in the comfort of all yet lost in Him
For no one knows when I sneak into His Shade
There He cuddles me to stay till He passes me above all
There I lay in rest, in stillness of His Garden
In His Company of Hosts
Beholding Him as His Army rushes to war
Fighting the battle, my battle to victory
Mighty in battle is His Arm

Delivering the oppressed from their oppressors
Letting go of the captives
Feeding the fatherless
Comforting the widows
Satisfying the wicked with the fruit of their labour

His Presence! Better than gold and rubies!
Stay me forever in the beauty of His holiness
My Honour and Glory

The Lord Most High!



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