The city of dust and confusion
Hmm, upon the dusty path I began to walk
In the reluctance of my motion
At the baptism of its scorching sun
Behold the scenery of faces angered
Desperate to the needs of life
Faces in heart-woven masks of cruelty and anger
In unrestful stances of nerves
Pumped muscles toned to the drudgery of the days
Males and females not excluded
Young and old flocking in this race for survival

There I arrive myself
There I behold the kindred jealousy and envy
Yea! Piercing into my bones
For I am comely
The green eye of the cats ravishing
And rattling my nerves to their standing posture
Their body-rubbing fluff enticing me to the snare of domestication

Yea! Should I not know as I have before?
Should I not uncover myself to be scared upon by the groovy lines of their paws?
Yea! For they have plowed upon my back
Their furrows have stood right upon me

Like the patriarchs they have not desired me?
Nay, not even my coat of many colours
Yea, not even my skin of light colour!

In a rage of disposition
In stupor of madness of hearts
In the age-long cankerworm of selfishness
They have collected the price of blood
That they may fill their field with it
In that they have great delight in innocence and tenderness of my heart

The paws of their cats have uncoiled upon my heart of flesh
In the cruel mocking of Dracula
They have stayed on their pangs
Dancing to the indigenous ominous sacrilege songs of sacrifice

Yea, I have been bemoaned and have mourned!
Yea, should Joseph not writ away in pain at the crackling laughter of his brothers
As his home of abode becomes history of abode?

Yea, heaven judge between me and them!
Into that I land my feet upon again
Into that I find myself again
As their cats paw into my presence
Longing to make a mincemeat of me

Yeah, if wickedness should be materialized
This I would have in souvenir of history

With their whips have they come – Yea!
Should I be that which is wrong in their midst?
Seeing jealousy of their faces as cruel as grave
Envy of their hearts green as the forest

The battle is drawn
The line is drawn
Me to them in the similitude of David to Goliath
The chants of war without
But the melody of peace within me
In the rage of words pouring forth
But with the power of patience holding me
Yea! That I may develop wings and fly away!
That I may soar away to the height above heights!
There shall I be hidden from them that come against me
That I may mount up with Him!

Alas! In the contemplation of my heart,
In the tumults of my heart
There the Light of Heaven shines
With praises in my mouth
There I behold His Glory as Bright Morning
There I behold His Presence, tumbling down like a mighty roaring wind
There I see His Power surging inside of me
There I behold His wings upon the winds

The Mighty One of Israel is awake
Awake in Your Strength, Oh Ancient of Days!
Let thy enemies be scattered!
Let the that hate you flee like chaff before the wind!

There I behold His Majesty roaring like a Lion
Roaring like a unicorn
Who shall behold Him?
Who shall abide in His presence?
Who shall cut His track short?

The Majesty in His Glory
Descending majestically with His angels
His warring angels, heeding the voice of His Words!
Alas! Numerous as the sands of the sea

There I behold the Might of His Power
Yea! My heart rejoices at the Presence of His Glory
Glory, glory to the Lord Most High!

I bow to your Glory
To Your Majesty

Let the earth be silent before the Lord of Host
Let the earth rejoice at His Presence
For He reigns justice upon the earth
Forgiving not the iniquity of the wicked
Recompressing for that which they have done to His servants
The Lord on High be praised
For His great deliverance

Now I am out in the green and plush ground
Thy rod and thy staff have comforted me
I shall not be small but thy Hands have lifted me upon
Thy blessing flows into my being like a mighty rain

Oh, that I may see Him forever
Oh my soul, rejoice in His Glory
For He does wondrous things upon the earth
Rejoice, for rejoice in His Glory
For He has done wondrously!




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