Conosci tuo padre?

Credo che tu abbia letto il mio blog su 'Sei vivo?'. In caso contrario, ti consiglio di cliccare qui per leggerlo Questa è una domanda che ci si pone quando si mette in discussione la paternità di un bambino o il bambino rimane orfano o abbandonato molto prima che possa dire una frase completa. So … Continue reading Conosci tuo padre?

My Testimony: She Was Healed!

After finishing the story, I said to the lady, "I'm not Jesus. But I'm a member of His body. The anointing on Him is also on the body. And I believe the anointing is on me too." Hardly had I finished... Click the heading to read of a woman miraculously healed of terrible disease

The Holy Drunkards

Bottle after bottle. Emptying glass after glass. No end in sight. Not satisfied. Going day after day, night after night. The hopeless life of a drunkard. Broke and dissatisfied. Plagued with misery. Like a prodigal son, spending living on wine that satisfies the heading to read more