Deeper Intimacy

Be careful what you wish upon yourself. Be careful. Yesterday I said to myself, "It's been a while I wrote something, Lord." And I went through the day trying to beat jet lag in the best way I know. And I did. I laid to sleep and woke up this morning with a song in … Continue reading Deeper Intimacy

True or False?

What are your fears? The visible or invisible? True or false? Do you fear that you are not a match for that fallen being? Tell me! Does he get so big in your mind that you are so conscious of him every now and then? Well, maybe we need to check the scriptures a bit … Continue reading True or False?

Sa ei ole hukule määratud!

Ta tiriti läbi kõige pimedama tänava, mis viis surma. Ta ei teinud pattu mitte mingil viisil ega vormis, vaid eesmärgiga lunastada inimkond. Teda nimetati ja häbistati. Tal polnud ilu ega vormi. Kui Tema peal oleks patud, oleksid piinad õigustatud. Kuid Tal polnud ühtegi. Isa vaatas alla maa peale ja oli rahul sellega, et Temale on … Continue reading Sa ei ole hukule määratud!

ኣይትፈርድን ኢኻ

ናብቲ ናብ ሞት ዝወስድ ዝጸልመተ ጎደና ተጎቲቱ ነበረ። ንደቂ ሰባት ንምብጃው ብዝገበሮ ተልእኾ እምበር ብዝኾነ ይኹን መልክዕ ይኹን ብመልክዕ ሓጢኣት ኣይገበረን። ስሙ ተሰይሙ ድማ ሕፍረት ተገይሩሉ። ጽባቐ ይኹን ቅርጺ ኣይነበሮን። ኣብ ልዕሊኡ ሓጢኣት እንተዝህሉ ነይሩ እቲ ስቓይ ምጸደቐ ነይሩ። ንሱ ግን ኣይነበሮን። ኣቦ ንምድሪ ኣትሒቶም ጠሚቶም ፍትሒ ኣብ ልዕሊኡ ብዝብል ክሲ ዕጉባት ነበሩ። መልክዑ ተበላሽዩ። … Continue reading ኣይትፈርድን ኢኻ

You Are Not Doomed!

He was dragged through the darkest street leading to death. He sinned in no way or form but on a mission to redeem mankind. He was named and shamed. He had no comeliness nor form. If there were sins on Him, the torment would have been justified. But He had none. The Father looked down … Continue reading You Are Not Doomed!

One Ninety Nine

You probably thought that I'm trying to market One Ninety Nine Series Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. Far from it. The 199 series struck a cord in me in relation to something very fundamental for every Christians. So, don't dream about SLR McLaren for now. 😊 What do I mean by one ninety nine? Well, it won't … Continue reading One Ninety Nine

En mi nombre

Después de escribir la publicación sobre " Cómo terminas tus oraciones ", constantemente he tenido este empujón para escribir sobre EN MI NOMBRE. En el nombre de Jesus. Gracias Señor Jesús por lo que eres. En Tu Nombre, tenemos acceso a todo lo que Tú eres para nosotros en esta vida y en la venidera. … Continue reading En mi nombre

Limited Edition

Like a limited edition of some cars, faith is a limited edition amongst mankind. Always alone. It’s a lonely path but a direct route to God’s realm. Faith realm is not common even amongst the household of God. Did He not say in Luke 18:8, “When the Son of man comes back, shall He find … Continue reading Limited Edition

Conosci tuo padre?

Credo che tu abbia letto il mio blog su 'Sei vivo?'. In caso contrario, ti consiglio di cliccare qui per leggerlo Questa è una domanda che ci si pone quando si mette in discussione la paternità di un bambino o il bambino rimane orfano o abbandonato molto prima che possa dire una frase completa. So … Continue reading Conosci tuo padre?