Sweetness! Yes, the sweetness. Flowing like rivers. Not bitterness. Not bile. Not darkness. But sweetness. For you have spewed much bitterness all around. But My sweetness has not many embraced. It shall flow from the place of My communion. Communion of My Spirit. The sweet fellowship of My Spirit. It shall flow. Let not bitterness … Continue reading Sweetness

This Body!

The natural realm is a burden. Yes, it is! Burden to the spirit realm. Burden to the life of God in us. "While we live in these earthly bodies, we groan and sigh, but it’s not that we want to die and get rid of these bodies that clothe us. Rather, we want to put … Continue reading This Body!

In Your Presence

In Your Presence! There is fullness of joy. And pleasure forever more. Your presence in me. Dwelling in me. With me. Fullness of joy! Pleasures forever more. Your Presence. The God of the whole earth. Your indwelling Spirit. Infilling Presence. Shekinah glory of the Most High. For He dwell not in temples made with hands. … Continue reading In Your Presence


Yeah! Perplexed but not in despair. Pressed but not crushed. Broken but not destroyed. Weary yet strong. His Word lighted upon Jacob - yeah upon Israel. I am Israel of God! Hear me loud! Lights every man. Where will I behold His face? His glory? In the darkest hours of the night. All flesh asleep … Continue reading Perplexed!

I’m Sorry, I died

Yes, I did. It’s a long story. I just found out. Was that a dream? Of course not. I’m not alive again. I know you will say, “Can the dead talk? Don’t say that to yourself! Don’t pronounce death on yourself!” I feel you. What’s death? Simply one of the evil angels. Not afraid of … Continue reading I’m Sorry, I died

Great is Your Faithfulness

Great is Your faithfulness O Lord!From ages to agesFrom the sun up to sun downYour faithfulness stretches from eternity to eternity Your lovingkindnessYour sweet loveYour thoughtfulness towards usYour compassion that never failsGreat is your faithfulness Father It never ends!Without Him, we would all have had no hopeBut You reached out with Your loveLove divine providing … Continue reading Great is Your Faithfulness

“Detty” December

Away with you! O ye “detty” DecemberStrength spent!Energy spent!Money spent!Emotion Spent!Loan app buzzingScaring your friends and family! What is there to do again? Gbagam!The bells chime in the distanceAlas! That day of the yearRushing feelings of 364 daysThe one night to say 365 days’ prayers! "I can’t kill myself," you saidWe hope for the new … Continue reading “Detty” December

What Do You Take?

Awake! Like a prodigal son (same of daughter)Soul delights in pleasureTemporary but enduring anguishPleases a man's wayBut HOV lane to heavenEternal rest or damnation? Awake!Shake off your sleepDay far spentNight comesAnd another day comesCockcrow awakening Peter to righteousness Labour not for that which perishesThe booze fades awayThe "pleasure of sin" ceasesTarry not till judgement day! … Continue reading What Do You Take?

Not Your Regular Vibes

The Most High God “lacks” nothing but one thing. He seeks nothing but one thing. Amazingly, He has power over all things for He created all beings and all things. But He won't force His way to get it. His nature is gentleness. That is why He is seeking for one thing! Few weeks ago, … Continue reading Not Your Regular Vibes