Away with you! O ye “Detty” December.
Strength spent!
Energy spent!
Money spent!
Emotion Spent!
Loan app buzzing
Scaring your friends and family!

What is there to do again?

The bells chime in the distance
Alas! That day of the year
Rushing feelings of 364 days
The one night to say 365 days’ prayers!

“I can’t kill myself,” you said
We hope for the new year
True talk! Your friends concur

Resolution after resolution
Detty, dettier, dettiest!

Don’t blow your cool off
Let’s talk real

I wanna change
You wanna change

Our main desire one
But path different

Struggle ye all year
Without change or range

Will you find the codes?
I will
You will

I pray thee
Check Matthew 6:33
There God the Son hid Code One
Death to selfishness. Alive to God
“I love my life,” I heard you
Your first unfound code for many years
on the eve of New Year
Live for Him for He already lives for you

Code number 2
John 14:6
The Way. The Truth. The Life
The Way to follow in the new year
The Truth to love and walk in
His Life that He gives to those that believe
In Him is life
The life of the Father
Partakers of His divine nature

Don’t miss the codes
While wasteful circling 365 days with extra
Jump the shipwreck,
Enter the cruise,
With Jesus the Captain,
Holy Ghost the Power,
Father God the Cruise Owner
That’s the cruise
Find more codes

Forget not!
Seek Him
Seek His righteousness
All other things…
Shhhhhh! You already know that!

“Lord help me?” I heard you
He has
Will you live for Him?
Go tell it on the mountain!

I have decided to follow Jesus
I have decided to follow Jesus
I have decided to follow Jesus
No turning back
No turning back

That’s right!
Heavens rejoice over you
Whao! See mighty speed of His angels
What! You are special to Him

Welcome home
To where you belong

Jesus, my Lord and Saviour
Enter the cruise
Handover your compass to Him
You won’t need it
He is the Way

The journey is on Him
Relax! His Guide is waiting for you
The Holy Spirit

Wait! Wait!!
And His brethren waiting for you
Every Sunday! Every weekday!
Where art thou?

Forsake not the assembly of His saints
Lonely and dangerous on the street
To hardship and frustration
Come back to the warmth of His love
Shed on hearts of flesh
By the Holy Ghost

Off I go!
About His business
As workmanship unto every good work
Detty or no detty December
I know not
But glorious is the season

Join the cruise
And win the race
By might or night?
By His Spirit
Dwelling in light

Let go of the past
And let Him lead
Joyous! Glorious!

More glorious years ahead
I will pursue Him!

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