Awake! Like a prodigal son (same of daughter)
Soul delights in pleasure
Temporary but enduring anguish
Pleases a man’s way
But HOV lane to heaven
Eternal rest or damnation?

Shake off your sleep
Day far spent
Night comes
And another day comes
Cockcrow awakening Peter to righteousness

Labour not for that which perishes
The booze fades away
The “pleasure of sin” ceases
Tarry not till judgement day! I beg thee
The sorrow lingers
A little longer. Maybe eternity

Cheap rewards for your soul,
Your labour
“Thank you!” I heard you
Pardon me! I speak of His righteousness
Not mine. Who am I?
Without Him.

Shake off the chaotic lifestyle
Awake unto His righteousness!
In Christ
Awake unto His mercy!
For it endures

With open arms, He longs to have you back
With love, He waits for you
Your Maker. The Love of All
Jesus the Saviour!

His love like Rivers
Sprouting to quench dry and thirsty souls
Sorrowful but for a while
All on you
Rivers that never run dry
Rivers of living water

Come and drink of Him
O You thirsty and weary
Drink for your soul
Draw from His well of salvation
That your soul may thirst no more
Take for your journey
For the journey is long
Quarter of a gallon for your ankle strength
You will need it
Another quarter for your knees
Another for your waist
A full ocean to start a mighty sail
The mighty rushing waters of God

Let Him be Rivers of living water in you
In a dry and thirsty land
For the journey ahead

I speak of the Holy Spirit
Learn of Him;
that He may lead you
that He may comfort you
that He may strengthen you

His yoke is easy. His burden light
Drink that you may know
Drink that you may grow

Drink O Ye thirsty and vanquished
He shall bring rest to your soul.

Inspired by the following scriptures:
– Ezekiel 47: 1 – 12
– John 7:38

*HOV: High Occupancy Vehicle

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