The Most High God “lacks” nothing but one thing. He seeks nothing but one thing. Amazingly, He has power over all things for He created all beings and all things. But He won’t force His way to get it. His nature is gentleness. That is why He is seeking for one thing!

Few weeks ago, I went for a hair cut. You know how salons can be! Loud on music because their TV station is perpetually tuned to a music channel. I was oblivious of whatever was playing on it until a popular young Nigerian hi-hop musician began to play. For a minute or two, the song got my attention. I was ruffled in my spirit. I felt there was something trying to push itself into my heart like “can’t you feel this vibe?” I became angry within me. Not at the musician. But at the devil. I began to speak in my heart, “You are such a traitor! You are already judged. You turn the hearts of many away with that which do not glorify God. I’m glad you are judged.”

So, I’m here to talk about what is not your regular vibes! I know you love music. You can’t keep your legs and entire body from gyrating to those music. You definitely do not see anything wrong in them. You said to yourself, “After all, I’m not doing all the rubbish in the lyrics. I’m just enjoying the beats. What can we do? We have to enjoy life before heaven now!”

Well, pause for a moment. Can you sincerely lift up your hands and worship God with those songs while they play? Can you? Oh, I heard you saying “Of course not” Thank God your conscience said so! Pause. Think how your whole heart, legs, arms, head, even tummy just happily dance and cling to those beats and lyrics as they pour out into your soul!

God the Father looks down from heaven unto the earth and He desires you to do all of that for Him alone. And not your regular vibes.

He seeks worship from man (both genders).
You will say, “But the angels are constantly worshiping Him in heaven. He doesn’t lack that!” You are right, but the angels are not in His image and likeness. Genesis 1:26. Neither are you physiologically an angel, even if your name is Angel. You are man. And He desires His men and women to worship Him.
That is the least we can do for Him for making us look like Him.
Is it too much?
Think about it!

The Father God seeks worshipers in truth and in spirit. You have been lagging behind in your duty. Worship? Yes!!!! Let it sink. Not silver, nor gold. Simply WORSHIP! I tell you. The Lord Jesus said:

Who are true worshipers? The Message version of the Bible says, “…Those who worship Him must do it out of their very being, their spirits, their true selves, in adoration.”

Not your regular vibes splattered with songs and clatters that some souls or your soul compose to feel good! It is not an “I feel good” moment with those songs. It is not your regular “party was lit” moment! Yes, it is not.

It is a moment and moments with the Father of all spirits, including yours!

He is seeking those who will worship Him reverentially (in adoration) with their very beings, their innermost beings; their spirits. A spirit that is alive unto God. Yes, your spirit! Not to devil.

God’s Spirit must have revived yours through a salvation experience! Yes, I mean salvation. You might be a good and nice person but if you stand before a Righteous and Holy God – do you think you can lift your head up and say “You know I try. I’m righteous. I do good things!” If your conscience tells you “No”, then you are not yet alive unto God. As hard as it sounds. It’s the truth. You can only come to God at His own terms. Not yours.

Let me ask you: Do you enter a school without meeting the terms and conditions of that school? No! So is the Kingdom of God! You must meet God’s terms.

Jesus is the Way (“the visa”) to enter the Kingdom of God; the only visa that can guarantee your connection to God. The only Way that your spirit can come alive unto God. You must accept that Jesus is Lord and He died for your sins. Think about that; believe it and confess that Jesus died for me and took my sins away so that I can have eternal life in me. I believe that He is now the Lord of my life. Yes, it’s that simple! Then your spirit is revived and now alive unto God.

Then you can start the journey to worshiping Him out of your spirit, your true self, in adoration of the Most High King. The Father.

And for you that have been born again for few days or weeks or even years, you need to ask yourself: Am I worshiping God with my very being, that is my innermost being; that is my spirit? You need to ask. Do you come to Him because you need something from Him? Or do you just come wanting nothing but to worship Him? In such a reckless abandon. Lost in Him.

‭‭The Father is looking for sons and daughters of His to worship Him. Not to worship man. Nor all the shining hip hop stars on the earth. Worship belongs to God! My Father is seeking worshipers. Not lip service. Not the hype! Not the vibes!

He is seeking reverential worship of Him from our spirits. Genuine heart to heart outpouring of affection to Him in songs, poetry, in tongues… That we yield to the Holy Spirit to help us to worship Him intimately. Will you yield your spirit to the Spirit of God and let Him help you to worship the Father? For such the Father seeks. Yield your whole being to the Father of all spirits. Let Him feel the sweet smelling aroma of your worship as it ascends to Him in spiritual songs. Sing in tongues unto Him. Oh, let it ascend.
Let the Father bask in your sweet worship to Him!
You know how you say sweet things to your loved one? You can pure out your love songs, poems, tongues on Him. Pour it out to Him deeply. Imagine you are standing in front of Him. What will you tell Him? Let Him know you love Him. He is all we’ve got in this life and in the life to come. Worship Him. He is faithful Father!

You can be a worshiper of God. Not just your choir leader. Yield your spirit to His Spirit and let Him lead you to worship the Father in reverence in songs and poetry, in tongues and understanding. Let it on Him!

The Father seeks such!

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