Referring to my previous post (The Secret Place) in a poetry form, it is a real experience on 10 June 2021 as the Holy Spirit desired.

The secret place is that place or that moment you withdraw alone to fellowship with the Father. It can even be in the midst of people but your spirit is gone far into Him. You are there but not there spiritually.

That moment. That place. Where you are drawn into Him in worship; in meditation; in prayers, amongst many triggers. But it is the Holy Spirit that enables you to draw close to the Father. You are there. Maybe while studying the Word of God or worshiping Him, the Holy Spirit draws you further into the Father…as He gradually illuminates your spirit and the manifest glory of God descends into your space. You cannot work it by yourself! No, you cannot! It is as the Holy Spirit wills. You can’t replicate it. (1 Corinthians 12:11)

But with a right heart, the Lord will reveal Himself to you by His Words. (Psalms 147:19; John 14:26)

Your secret place is that place you withdraw into to fellowship with the Holy Spirit. That place you withdraw to worship the Father; to worship the Lord of lords. The moment of intimacy with the Lord. Where nothing matters but Him. Where you lie down before Him and your whole being acknowledges His lordship and the Father of all spirits.

Where you come into heavenly Mount Zion; to the city of the living God; to the heavenly Jerusalem in the spirit. You come into an innumerable company of angels; you approach gradually the general assembly in heaven; the church of the firstborn registered in heaven; you approach gradually the Father, the Judge of all. Even to the spirits of just men made perfect; you approach the Lord Jesus, our Mediator of this new covenant. (Hebrews 12:22)

The great fellowship with the Father as you behold the beauty of His holiness. He is holy. Come boldly to His throne and obtain grace.

His Holy Spirit bids you to come. To come up higher. Desire Him. Let Him fill you with the Father. Let Him reveal the Father to you. We are in the general assembly of God the Father. In His secret place. As real as day and night.

Since you are His sons and daughters, you can approach Him. You can come to your Father and my Father.

Come unto Me, the Lord Jesus said. And He will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28) Come to the Father of all spirits. And let Him calm your heart down and change you by His Spirit in your innermost being. In His secret place!

His secret place. His pavilion. His His hiding place. Hidden from all eyes but you. By faith, come up higher. Desire Him. Love Him. And He will manifest His glory to you and I. By faith!

The secret place of the Father!

Check the Scriptures below:
Psalms 91:1
1 Corinthians 12:11
Psalms 147:19
John 14:26
Hebrews 12: 22
John 4:23
John 11:40
Matthew 11:28

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