Galloping upon the clouds. In the majesty of the Lord. The Most High. Horses neighing. Chariots; riding upon the wings of the clouds. Fury speed. Elegance. Whiteness. Blue as the morning sea. Galloping with purpose and mission. Where are thou going?

In the glory of His majesty. The power of His might. The spirits of His messengers.

Bid me come! Upon thy chariot. Where do you go? I thought.

Alighting upon his chariots. Upon the wings of the clouds. Galloping away. Dead or alive? I know now. Through the wings. Through the paths; eyes have not seen.

Into the pavilion of the Most High. Expanse of His throne. His secret place. Blazing. Fire. Mightiness of His glory. Who can behold Him?

Uttered His voice. Out of the clouds. The throne of glory. The Most High uttered His voice. Tremble, o yea earth!

Tremble all ye flesh. Beholding dimly the similitude of His Being. Me dead or alive? I know not. Flat and lifeless.

The majesty on High. The majesty of His voice. Who shall stand it?

Let Him that speaks be glorified. Glory and honour to the King on high!

Upon His throne. To Your majesty I bow. Vision. Dreams. Purpose. Words after words! Trembling and lifeless.

I have heard and seen. Yea, the glory of the Lord. Filled His temple. His majesty, my Lord.

Glory and honor to You forever. And ever. And ever. Amen.

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