Drove into a gigantic hospital premise that fateful morning in July 2021. Not on appointment. But because the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart that morning on my way to work, “Won’t you go and pray for her?” Speaking of a family friend I had heard was hospitalized for weeks in an emergency ward. “Oh my Lord! You want me to? I will.” Wondering “what shall I say or do when I get there?” No response.

While waiting in the car, I was listening to a preacher on healing anointing. Few minutes into the message it was as if I was no longer hearing it. The Lord enveloped the atmosphere. Glowing heat! And the encounter, reminding me of how He healed the woman with the issue of blood. Weeping while enjoying the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit.

“Go in now!” Hastily but cautiously I found myself in front of the sick. Two in a room, one waiting for last surgery before going to the world beyond.

Who am I? Wore no cape nor title. Just me.

Laid myself down on a chair beside the sick. The rivers of living water began to bubble in my spirit. The glowing heat. The joy in the Holy Ghost within. “Behave yourself” I told me. Yes. My tongue began to utter His Words to edify the sick. The Word of the Lord is powerful and majestic. I laid before her the same story of the woman with a 12 year old issue of blood that He had told me earlier; her faith and action:

She did and the power flowed from the Master to her and she was healed immediately.

After finishing the story, I said to the lady, “I’m not Jesus. But I’m a member of His body. The anointing on Him is also on the body. And I believe the anointing is on me too.” Hardly had I finished saying this that the Lord said, “Pray now.”

I said, “Sister, can I pray for you now? “Yesssss!” What else can go wrong?

While giving thanks to God, exalting His name, the power of the Lord was tangibly present. Hand laid and the power flowed by His Spirit. Yes! By the Holy Spirit. Oh the Holy Spirit. Like liquid oil, it flowed into her body. And He healed her. Awe-struck, I was.

Turned to the other old woman in the room waiting for the last call to the great beyond.

“Can I pray for you mama?” For she was elderly. “Yeeees!” She screamed.

I laid my hand on her head, while I was thanking God and giving glory to Him. I suddenly felt strong heat flowing through my hand into her head. It was so hot that I had to remove the hand. And knowingly, I said, “Mama, the Lord just healed you now! Glory be to God.” And she screamed, “Yes. I know.”

Avoiding attention, I left the hospital for work as the nurses came in to wheel the mama to a theater, not privy to what just happened. Much later in the evening, my wife came to tell me, “Guess what? My friend and the mama we prayed for had been discharged.” Glory be to God!

Here was what happened when I left the hospital.

On getting to the theater, mama said to the waiting doctors and nurses, “I’m healed o. There’s nothing again in my body.”

The lead surgeon called for a new test on her and the result came back negative. She was healed miraculously. All amazed at what happened. They went to the room and started asking the other lady, “What happened in this room? What happened?” Only the Most High knew what He did.

She returned after few minutes from the theater to her room, screaming “I am healed!”

Both women were discharged same day. And those earlier destined to death found grace to live and testify of His goodness. The Lord healed them both. Through His power, He restored them to life. Not me!

With Him all things are possible! Glory to God for His wondrous work in our lives!

Jesus remains the Lord!

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