Bottle after bottle. Emptying glass after glass. No end in sight. Not satisfied. Going day after day, night after night. The hopeless life of a drunkard. Broke and dissatisfied. Plagued with misery. Like a prodigal son, spending living on wine that satisfies not. Sorrow of heart. Broken dreams. Futile ranting. Blabbing like a wise sage but foolish under wine. You believe you can fly. You think you are a man because your vocal chords are activated under alcohol. You think you have power. Wait to find out.

The real deal. You want to know?

The heaven burst open thousands of years ago. The Most High descended from heaven. Upon about one hundred and twenty men and women (yeah inside millions if not billion by today), the Spirit of the Living God descended. The majesty came down. He is God, yet humbled Himself to come upon men and women, His creatures. Upon flesh, waiting in faith for His coming.

He came down to the earth. To dwell amongst men and women. To inhabit those that have decided to follow the Lamb of God who was sacrificed for our sins and we become the righteousness of God in Him. Jesus is Lord!

We are the holy drunkards. Drunk with His Spirit. Filled with His power. Staggering and manifesting the raw tangible power of the Most High. Drunk to stupor in His presence. In Him. The presence of the Most High! What do you take? Ogogoro? Kainkain? Apeteshi Jamesi? Gin? Hennessy? Call it whatever you want. Waste not your soul! I beg thee.

Filled with His power to preach His good tidings to people. To proclaim that Jesus had destroyed the works of Satan. He has given us the victory. That is why we say… Hold your breath! Not a song. The judgement of unrighteousness panned out against humanity in the garden has been taken away. Just believe in Jesus. Don’t be a fool. You loose nothing saying Jesus is Lord. You gain all. Waste no moment. Gone today, no coming back. Jesus is Lord! That’s it!

They got drunk by the power of His Spirit. We do too. They did supernatural things with the power. People were saved and many came to the Lord.

Yes! Through His name! The power is still here in you and me. The Holy Spirit is still here on earth. He is still here. He is here with us and in us. Glory!

You have the power. I have it. For through the baptism of His Spirit, we have received power of God. Authority over all the powers of the enemy. Power to go about doing good and healing all oppressed of the devil. Power to live right. All things that pertain to live and godliness! Given to us! Glory!

For God the Spirit is in us and with us as His children. Be ye not drunk with alcohol but be filled with the Holy Spirit. On a continuous basis.

Join the club! Membership is free. Just a declaration from your heart and believe that Jesus is Lord. Alas! How many times have you said that since you started reading this article? If you believe it, then you are now a member. Glory!

Back to my Lord. The Holy Spirit! The sweet Holy Spirit! Oh my Lord! How I long for You daily! My Master! My Saviour! My Redeemer! My Father!

Glory be to you Father. With You all things are possible!

For You are Lord!

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