The Father

Why have you relegated Him to the background of your life? Why do you only go to Him when you need something?

He is a Father! He is God!!

He has been chasing you all your life, but you never knew. Or maybe you don’t even know now? If you haven’t given in to Him, today is the day. If you have and you have abandoned Him, this is your day to come back to Him.

Come back home to the Father.

You have given your heart to the wrong people. The Lord wants you back to Himself. He longs to have you back into His heart.

He detests when we go after any other gods. Come back to God and He will receive you. Your shut out His Voice in your life and lean on earthly supports. You know you missed Him.

The Holy Ghost is saying to you, “Come back to the Father” He will take out the depression and every other thing plaguing you. The Lord wants to lead you by His Spirit. Adam and Eve stopped listening to His Voice and they missed it.

Is He Your Shepherd?

The Lord wants to lead you by His Holy Spirit for as many as are led by the Holy Spirit, they are the sons (you may also say daughter) of God (Romans 8:14). If you are only being led by your mind, your intellect, your friends and you don’t hear the Holy Spirit, you are not his son, nor His daughter! The Lord speaks to us in diverse ways, but you will know. His Words comfort, builds you up, encourages you and chastises you in love.

How desperate are you for God?

How much do you want God in your life? How battered have you been that you need the pieces put together into one whole piece? How battered are you? Come unto me the Lord says;

Todayif you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion (Hebrews 3:15).

If you desire to know Him, you can as well as Him to save your soul today. And He will.

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