Father, we give you glory for today! For you are our God, our Fortress, our Refuge, our Hope today and forever! We exalt you above all the gods upon the earth. We exalt you above all that ever was or is or will be, for You alone are ETERNAL GOD.

No one created You! But You created all. The ONLY MAKER! THE ONLY ONE that exists before everything, before every living creature in heaven or on earth was created. My Maker! The Only Maker!!

Who knows Your Habitation, who has instructed You? From who do You take counsel? Who can fathom Your Depth? Who can understand it? GOD ETERNAL!

We worship you Our GOD! Who can compare to You? You dwell in Eternal Glory! Jehovah LORD, we bless You. Without You there shall be no us; there shall be no flesh of ours! We bow before You LORD.

I see the heavens open and numerous angels on horses galloping down from the clouds on left and right of HIM who sits on a mighty horse, shining in great light with a crown on His Head. His face I could not see but full of light in the form of a man’s face. Bright light like in the strength of the sun piercing out of what seem like His Eyes. Lord I can’t behold your glory; nor utter a word.

His Words:

The mighty God thunders with His voice like many waters. I hear the the LORD saying, “You shall be healed this month.” The ONE who sits on the mighty horse said, “The doors shall be opened today. I have come to give gifts to my people; I have come to reward my servants; those that serve me and those that worship me. I have come in the power of my might to release men into  that which I have called them. Arise and behold my glory. Arise and behold my healing arm. My power is coming down like never before. My New Watch. My New Season. Arise the mighty east winds. Blow upon the earth.”

“Get ready!” I heard the Spirit of God saying. “Get ready for the journey is here. Get ready for my new day. Get ready for My Work. Get ready for that which I have been speaking to your heart for ages. Get up and do that which I have commanded you. Get up and do My Eternal Will. The days are shortened. The years are close by. My days are here like the days of Elijah. In the strength of My Power, My People shall advance My Kingdom.”
“Break not your ranks”, I heard the Spirit saying. “Rise up and conquer for it has been delivered to you since the foundation of the earth. Arise in My Power. Arise in My Glory. Take your place and rule in the midst of your enemies. I have called you by name and I have led you through the paths in life to show you My Ways and My Wisdom. I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD. Yet you have not known Me. Now will I show My Power to the ends of the earth. Now will I bring down My Glory like never before. Now will I cause the earth to shake with My Glory.

My people have gone astray like a sheep. Everyone seeking their own; everyone seeking their glory. Depart from your ways; Seek My Kingdom and My glory. The hour has come. Now it is to glorify My People. Prepare. Gird yourself for I have come to make the crooked paths straight. I have come to beautify the Sons of Levi. You have departed from My Ways. Remember the rock where I hewn you from in the dry and thirsty lands. Now is the time I have called you into. Arise in My Might and Power. Behold they come to you in droves to seek of My Glory; to seek of My Honour. Raise me sons of Levi; raise me an army of worshipers. I shall come down in  my full power and shake the earth, yea, once more. This is the new day of My Glory and Power. Say not the former days are better for I have come to do a new thing. Hear My New Voice. Raise Me wise men by my Spirit. Set them out to do the work I have commanded them. Set free by my Spirit. This is the day of liberation.” 

I thank you Lord for this new anointing flowing down to Your people. Thank you for a new and fresh glory of Yours coming upon the earth.

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