LORD JESUS YOU ARE ALL IN ALL. There is none like you the Loving God. You are Our All in All. There is none like you, Jehovah God. The Lord of the whole Universe.
The One who created innumerable stars in the galaxies. The One who speaks and brings to pass. The One who dwells in eternal glory; clothes Himself in fire. The Mighty One. The Only Living GOD.

Who can compare to You, Eternal GOD? Who do we have but You? Who does wondrous things, but YOU! We love You, OUR GOD! We love You, OUR ROCK. We love You, OUR SALVATION.

Though the earth reels in anguish, but You OUR GOD are not shaken, nor moved. Eternal GOD. The dreadful One by the Red Sea! OUR GOD! OUR DELIVERER! OUR HOPE!

OUR KING! OUR MASTER! Take all the glory today FATHER! Let Your Holy Name be praised. Let Your Person be praised FATHER! The Father of all flesh. The GOD of the Universe. Nothing is out of Your Sight. You deserve our praise. You deserve our worship.

We thank You for our redemption, wrought through Your Eternal Love for mankind! You are impartial. You so love the world that You gave Your Own  Beloved Son – Jesus – to die for all. Father, thank You. Draw men and women to You, O Lord.

Let the souls destined for death today meet Your Mercy Father. Let that death be averted in the name of Your Son Jesus. Save that child from death. Save that woman from death. Save that man from death. Save all the lost souls crying for Your Mercy. Save those abandoned to death in hospitals. Let your healing grace flows to them. Touch that souls languishing in prisons to see your salvation. Open a new life for them. Renew their lives. Show Your Mercy on their behalf. Send help to them. Forgive their sins. Send that help to them, Oh LORD! Help them. Restore them. Take that pain away from the heart of that young lady. Renew Your Hope in the heart of that man! Jesus the Healer. Terminate that disease in the name of Your Son Jesus. Reach out to them Lord. Thank you Father! All in the name of Your Son Jesus!

Hear us, O Lord! Let not our cry go in vain Jehovah God.

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