You alone can heal the land…of bloodshed…of our transgression against you…of the sins of our leaders… They have turned away from you. They have shut their ears to the cry of the poor; they have refused to do justice. They use unjust weight – punish enemies and others for wrongdoings but defend and acquit friends who did same. They turn eyes away from the crying of the poor – with saying as though “Are we a magician? Has generation past not squandered your future?”. They build houses, they plant vineyards and dine and wine in joyous songs!

Lord, we know your Words say “Dishonest scale is an abomination in your sight”. They hate the ones who rebuke in the gate and abhor those who speak uprightly. They lock in dungeons those that speak up. “Instruments of cruelty are in their dwelling place like Simeon and Levi. Lord, let not your soul enter their council; nor your honour be united to their assembly. In their anger they slay men and women. Let their anger be cursed for it is fierce. Curse their wrath, for it is cruel. Cause division among them that plan this evil. Scatter them.” Genesis 49: 5 – 8. And we shall praise you.

They tread down the poor, the helpless and impose high levies on cost of living. They revel in state resources. And fear not the Lord who favours them. Lord, we pray that you will turn their hearts to do the right things for the sake of your people.

Heal our land of the blood of innocent shed day and night without help from our leaders. The Most High, Arise! Like a Man of War, Arise! And stop evil tides in our midst. Show yourself strong on behalf of those that call upon your name.

Let justice reign in the gates; from the palace to the streets. Turn their hearts to do good to the people you have placed under them. Cause their hearts to do good. Help the helpless and the poor.

Behold the groaning of your people! Be attentive to our prayers and cause your light to shine on our darkness. Revive our land. Arise Oh God! Let your enemies be scattered. Let them that hate you flee before you. Let them be like chaff before the wind. Let your angels persecute them. Let the ways of the enemies be dark and slippery. Let your mighty angels persecute them.

Arise, Oh Lord. Let your enemies be scattered! Arise and show us your salvation. Arise like a man of old. Rise out of your chamber like a Warrior. Dispatch with speed your Mighty Deliverance! Cause them that shed blood to eat of their own flesh if they do not repent. Scatter the conspiracy of the enemies over our land. Let them be confused. Speak to them in your anger. Spare not for in anger they slay the innocent and helpless.

Arise Oh God, Let your enemies be scattered!

Proverbs 21; 13 & 11:1. Amos 5: 10 – 15. Psalms 68: 1 – 3. Daniel 5: 25 – 30

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