The Lord Our Shepherd!
Leading us beside the still waters. Listen my soul to the sound of His music
His Own hears Him
He leads His Own. The Shepherd of our Soul
Through the valley and mountains, there you are with us
Guiding us by pillars of cloud and fire
A great witness of those before us
Cheering us forward
In the innumerable company of Angels
Heeding His Words
Performing His Words

I will lift up my eyes unto the hill
To the Everlasting Rock
From where all were created
I will rejoice in the God of my salvation
Praising His Holy Name
I will shout of your goodness in the midst of your people

The earth reels in deprivation
But Your Mercy is from generation to generation
Your goodness is everlasting
Who can declare His goodness?
Who has seen His hands too short to deliver?
Who can testify of His body rotten in grave?
Who can call Him a liar of all ages?

Nay! He is eternal! No guile in Him
Not the son of man! No, not in my Lord
The Mighty One at the Red Sea!
The Shining Light at grave
Death destroyed at His presence
Powers crushed at His Shout

Name above all names
Throne above all thrones
King above all kings
Lord above all lords

Your Majesty on High
Who speaks and brings to pass
Yeah, only My Lord
The Fearful One

Eru jeje! (The Fearful) Arugbo Ojo (The Ancient of Days)
Give Him praise
Exalt His Holy Name
Exalt Him that spreads the heaven like curtain
Praise the Great One

To You shall we all bow in adoration
The King of all kings
Glory to you Lord forever and ever

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