What shall we say? What shall we utter? The days roll up in weeks and weeks in a month. The new dawn of a new day. Glorious in beauty! The day of honour! The day of Your Glory! Who shall utter it? A new honour. A new accomplishment! A new dimension. A new glory. Day by day, He leads us and we are not rebellious. Press into us! Into you we shall press to behold the beauty of your holiness!

Mighty and glorious King! Thank you for a new day! Thank you for a new honour. Thank you for your faithfulness; for your mercy upon us that we are not consumed. Thank you for new and mighty things that you will do in our midst. Thank you for things that we see and that which are yet to come. Thank you that your glory will cover the earth as waters cover the sea. Thank you that you will bring many to the knowledge of your Son Jesus. Thank you Father for drawing us closer to you. We thank you for being our help in time of need. Our present Hope. Our Redeemer. Thank you for your mighty deliverance. Thank you for altering the heavens to bring your purpose to pass on the face of the earth in this hour.

Though the heathens rage, you will continue to laugh at them. You are holding them in derision. Thank you for persecuting them that hate you. Thank you for delivering your people from the hands of those that are stronger than them. Thank you for making show of the principalities and powers on the cross. Thank you Father!

We look unto you, our God. We gaze into your holy of holies to behold wondrous things in your presence. We gird ourselves and ready to push your kingdom forward. We are your people called by your name to show forth your glory.

Lord show us mercy that we may live and declare your glory. Show us mercy that we may not be consumed in this present time.

Show us your glory that people may know that you have truly called us to honour and glory. Perfect all that concerns us. Show us mercy Oh Lord. And rekindle a new fire of the Holy Ghost in us. Make us to see You in a new way. Draw us closer and reveal Yourself to us. Let us thirst after You and Your Holiness. Kindle Your Light afresh in us.

Help us for vain is the help of man. Let our trust be in You only, Our God. Be merciful unto us Oh God and radiate your beauty through us. Accelerate that which you have spoken concerning us Oh God. This is your year of surprises. Oh Lord, do new things that will bring glory to your holy name. Accelerate your purpose upon the earth. Let the earth rejoice. Let our land yield her increase. Bring your purpose to pass speedily in our lives. Hear us Our God, Our Hope, Our Maker! Dislodge the instrumentation of the wicked ones! Render them powerless to the glory of your Son Jesus as He did thousands of years ago. Bring the earth to your subjection in our days! Make the sun and the moon to stand still for your purpose Oh God! Frustrate the tokens of liars and the star gazers. Dislodge their instruments and speak peace to your people Oh Lord. To you alone will be all the glory. Forever and ever!

Thank you Father!

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