Are you at the point of giving up? About to throw away all things? In despair? Loosing all? Nothing to hang on to anymore? I want to let you know that no matter the shaking happening in your life, GOD is in the midst of the storm. Nothing takes Him by surprise. You are not forgotten. We are all created by Him. If anything has caused you to fall into this situation, look unto Jesus. He will revive you.

Raise your head and look unto Him that was hung on the cross for you. He is ever making intercession for us. Perhaps, you don’t know Him as your Lord and Saviour, this should be a moment for you to give all to Him. Perhaps you have known Him for a while, this is time to trust Him more.

He is all in all. He is the present Help in time of need. He said come unto me all you that labour and heavy laden, I will give you rest. Take the advantage of the promise. He is your hope.

Come boldly to the throne of grace and receive help from Him who knows all things. Let Him soothe your pains and make your heart whole. He is your Righteousness, your Hope, your Helper.

Take His rest and cease from turmoil. The Lord be with you in the mighty name of Jesus. The Lord calms your heart and make you experience joy today. Thank you Father.

Listen to the song below and let it bless your heart. Old school or no old school. God’s presence is eternal. There is no such as old school with the presence of God. Enter His Presence. Enjoy His Presence.

I commit you into the precious Hands of Our Lord Jesus who is able to save you.


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