When last did you fall before The Lord asking Him to break you; to refine u? Into The Potter’s Hand? This is the bitter truth about the call to being a child of God. Not pleasant sometimes. It is like on and off through His dealings.

Today, I was listening to the song of Darlene Zschech (The Potter’s Hand). It dawned on me that there are times that our heart deceives us to look away from this type of song. Or we even sing it without meaning it.

The truth is if you absentmindedly or hurriedly sing this type of songs with Christ-like or holiness intonation, then you need to pause and check your spiritual life or quest. Have you lured more after the sweet things of life? Maybe your heart has gotten too accustomed to the norms. Pause again. Where will that take us into? Is that why Jesus saved you? Is that the only reason He went to the cross?

Brothers and sisters, we are call into a life of holiness – a journey into God whereby we are changed day by day by the purging of His Word, His Presence, His Holy Spirit, by every experience He brings us into. Irrespective of having been through some in the past, every greater height requires a fresh dealing of the Holy Spirit. Do not be afraid to go through it. You will emerge on the other side as a pure and refined gold, ready for every good purpose.

Take a look at the lyrics of the song below.
I encourage you to click the YouTube or the online audio version and listen to them.


My questions to you are:

  1. Can you sing that song sincerely from your heart before the Lord and mean every bit of the words?
  2. Can you sing it without holding any part of your life back?
  3. Can you like Abraham say to God to touch your Isaac? That which is so dear to you? Can you?

Not to condemn you, but to encourage you on what to desire. I know it can be difficult for many of us. Maybe you understand and people around you do. Surely the Lord feels what you feel. He is touched by the feelings of our infirmities, The Word says in Hebrews 4:15. I also understand. But, it doesn’t remove the fact that we have become so attached to those things without even realizing it. They fuel our energy and we find fulfillment in doing them. We go to Him in praises with those things as our source of joy; we dance with all our might celebrating the arrival of those things. It good to give thanks to the Lord for His wondrous work in our lives. But, we must not ignore the Giver for the things He has given us. Always remember that the Lord your God is a Jealous God? Exodus 20:5.

The Lord your God is a jealous God. When you seek Him and He reveals Himself to you, He will not let you go. He desires you to be in His presence at all times, irrespective of what you are doing. He demands attention in the midst of our activities. If you don’t give Him, He chastises you as his sons and daughters.

If you choose to just live by and only desires His gifts or the benefits of His Kingdom – it’s okay! You are still His as long as you don’t walk in sins. The only thing is that, by so doing, you have chosen to be a different type of vessel apart from that of gold or silver. His Word says in a large house (speaking of God’s house) there are vessels of gold, silver, wood and clay. Some are honourable, while some are for common use. If any man allows the Holy Spirit to cleanse him at all times, that man becomes a vessel of honour.

It is all about submitting ourselves into the Potter’s Hand to always mold us – no matter how painful it is. He will pass you through furnace of life experiences to refine your heart and make you come out as pure gold. The experiences might not be pleasant but stay put and like Isaac on the altar let the Holy Spirit completes His work on you at that phase.

Let the Lord use you. He can only use a clean vessel at every point in time. Be used of the Lord for His own glory. There is a great reward both on this earth and in heaven.

Ask Him to mold you and use you. Guess what? Seeing Him, beholding Him becomes easier. You become His friend. He tells you everything He wants you to know. He calls you His friend. Be His friend today! Be addicted to Him!

This is the bitter herb of the Word of God. Healthy for Christ-like living.

Audio: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/darlenezschech/thepottershand.html

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