The Lord of The Heavens. Lord of The Earth. The Maker of all things! Who can compare to You? The Everlasting God. The Lord of the First and The Lord of the Last. The Ancient of Days. The Lord that never changes.

From everlasting to everlasting, You remain the same. The same yesterday, today and forever. You are the Lord – You change not! The God of Eternity! The God of today. The God in yesterday. The God in tomorrow. The whole earth is filled with You. You are not changed by what happens in the earth. Everything is created by You for You and for Your Glory. The Mighty Lord! Your presence fills everything. You lights every man that comes into the world.

You dwell in eternal glory. In your presence there is honour and power. The Majesty on High to whom the host of mighty angels bow and worship without end. You deserve all the glory, all the honour, all the adoration, all the power. The Only God! You uphold the heaven and the earth by your Words. Nothing takes you by surprise. All things are subject to You, the Lord of the Earth, the Lord of All Creation.

Take all the glory. Take all the honour. Draw us to You. Let us dwell continuously in Your Presence, Oh LORD. Hear us and look down upon the earth and revive it. Look down upon our nation and revive us. Restore us to Your Ways! Come down in a new power, in a new and mighty way. Let Your Spirit come on us and consume us – our flesh that we may live. Purify us. Live in us and we in You, Oh, LORD. Revive our land! Revive us. Restore to us your Spirit, Oh God.

Show Yourself strong on our behalf, Oh Lord. Let the people truly know that You Are GOD of ALL CREATION.

To You will all the glory and honour be.

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