God Makes Provision To Change The Hearts of Leaders

God chose Saul for Israel. He sent down His Spirit upon Saul to change him into another man. “Then the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you, and you will prophesy with them (sons of prophets) and be turned into another man…So it was, when he had turned his back to go from Samuel (the prophet) that God gave him (Saul) another heart…” 1 Samuel 10: 6 & 9

From above, God makes provision to mold the heart of a leader into a good person that would serve His people. But many do not take the grace for a change of heart. They forget the experiences they have been through in the past which God uses to mold their hearts. They forget to apply their hearts to wisdom and administer justice from a position of mercy and justice.

Many Leaders Change Their Hearts From Doing Good

Interestingly, The Word of God made us understand that Saul changed his heart towards God. He stepped into the role that he was not ordained to perform. He operated in that which he had no competency; in that which he was not trained; in that which he had no sight or formal education or experience. He sacrificed a burnt offering to the Lord as though he was a priest. He wanted to be everything; he was insecured; he rushed into decisions to save his face.
1 Samuel 13: 9 – 15 & 1 Samuel 14: 18

He jumped the divine order of God. He arrogantly did that which was evil in the sight of God.

When an opportunity came for him to make it right, he missed it. God sent Samuel to him and commanded him to go after the Amalekites and destroy everything. 1 Samuel 15: 1 – 3. But,  Saul disobeyed God again. He spared “King Agag of the Amalek, the best of the sheep, the oxen, the fattlings, the lambs, and all that was good”. He chose the good and destroy the despised and worthless. 1 Samuel 15: 9. He chose the ones he preferred. He never cared about the despised, the worthless.

Instead of repenting at the accusation against him when Samuel confronted him, he lied and blamed the people for his mistakes. He blamed others for his errors. He had grown strong and big in his own eyes. He had forsaken mercy and fairness – now dealing treacherously. He saw the position and its benefits for him, his friends and family alone.

I ask you – Are you a leader that blames others for your current mistakes? Are you doing all these now? Please consider Saul’s example. Make adjustment so that the Lord can have mercy on you.

Few lessons to learn from this:

  1. The Most High rules in the affairs of men and He gives it to whomsoever He wishes. Whether by democracy or not, He permits our will or chooses for us
  2. He will not overrule our strong desire for whom we want to rule over us, though there might be consequences
  3. But He will make provision for the heart of that person to be changed to accomplish His purposes for that nation or that organisation
  4. The leader can choose not to follow God. The leader can choose to rule mercilessly. The leader can become arrogant, brash, selfish; serving his/her own interests and not the people
  5. God makes provision for the leader to repent and turn to obey Him and serve the people
  6. If the leader continues to walk in his / her own way, then the Lord gives him/her up for shame and reproach
  7. The Lord God then starts looking for a man that can wrong the mistakes; a man that may not be popular but will bring His purposes to pass. For example, He chose David over Saul
  8. The purposes of God are bigger than our individual or community agenda. He is the Lord of Heaven and Earth. His realm is far higher than ours. He directs all things according to His purpose. We are only playing a little part as a nation in the entire scheme of things

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