The Father seeks those who will worship Him in truth and in Spirit. He seeks your worhip. He seeks you to pour your affection on Him for Who He Is. He is the Father of All Flesh. What benefit has man gotten on earth or world beyond without God? Without relationship with Him. Worship Him.

Worshiping Him takes you into His Presence, into His “Holy of Holies”. It takes you into the His Heart. There is no place or substitute for worshiping Him. It connects you to the Heart of the Father. It brings you close to Him. It makes you dwell in His presence, adoring Him, showering your admiration to Him, the Father of All Flesh.

Worship makes you imbibe His nature, His holiness, His meekness. His Nature becomes easier to adopt as you dwell daily in His presence. Worship shows you His Nature, His Being, His Heartbeat. Oh, Jehovah! That we may know You, beholding Your Beauty of Holiness; dwelling daily in Your Presence. The only thing that makes it easier to know You is true worship by the help of the Holy Spirit. Beholding the face of the Father; changing into the same image day by day. Worshiping Him grows the fruit of the Spirit in us.

Moses knew the Lord face to face. He became the meekest man on the face of the earth. He was constantly beholding the Face of the Father on the mountain. He was translated into what he saw constantly. His face shone that the children of Israel could not look on him. They demanded a veil from the presence of God. They chided him. After one experience of God thundering through the mountains, speaking directly to them; they urged Moses that they would not want Him, God, to talk to them directly. “Moses speak to us. Be His mouth piece. We don’t want Him to speak to us directly”. Whao! They did not desire the presence of Jehovah God. They became vile. They wanted His gifts, His manna, the deliverance from the enemy but they did not want the Giver of all these things! They denied the Holy One of Israel. They abhorred the Rock that hewn them. They despised His Presence. They became wicked in their hearts and sought not the Lord. They banished the God of Earth to heaven. Veiled from them. He allowed it so until the Son came down to destroy the veil.

Brethren, let’s not forget the work of Jesus on the cross. There is no mediator but Jesus Christ. The Father seeks worshipers in truth and Spirit. Those that will go beyond the veil, beyond the earthly robe and press into the presence of Jehovah God to learn of His nature; to learn of His Ways; to receive of His fruits; to take of His of Nature; to become like Him – face beholding face like a mirror; engraving the Words into our hearts; transforming us into Him.

If the words prophesied to them profited them it would have changed their hearts. But the words did not. They all died in the wilderness because of unbelief; because they did not believe in Him that sought relationship with them. He wanted them as His people, as His first Son, but they rejected Him. They rejected His presence but wanted His gifts. They perished except two that desired His presence, those that followed Moses to the mountain.

Seek His presence; seek Him. Forsake the needs of life for once. Tarry an hour in His presence. Forget yourself and let your focus be on Him. Worship the  King of Kings.

When last did you pour heart of love to Him? When last did you think about His work of salvation on your life? When last did you sit before Him in reckless abandon and just worship Him?

The LORD is calling you today to His Worship. “Worship me”, I hear. “Worship me in my beauty of holiness. Worship me for the I AM THAT I AM. Worship me.”

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