(I have pasted some YouTube videos of some old worship songs from Don Moen, Bob Fitts, Ron Kenoly, Phil Driscoll at the bottom of this write up. Stay till the end)

Being born again is a real experience. Like a friend of mine said, “if anyone can’t remember the unique experience or the period or circumstances that led to his or her being born again, then there is a question mark on that person’s salvation”. I totally agree. But my experience and that of my friends are distinct and memorable. We can’t forget it. Why should one forget the second birth into the Kingdom of God?

You didn’t have a say in how, when and where you were born as a baby. You parents did not consult you to make a decision. You just came as ordained by God Almighty. But guess what? The second birth has to do with you deciding whether you want to or not. The Spirit of God nudges you, even have someone or circumstances lead you into His Presence. Didn’t Jesus said to Nathanael that “Before Philip called you, I saw you under the fig tree”. John 1:48.

Before we came to Jesus, He saw us and drew us to Him. But we are left to make the call. Therefore, we had a part to play in the new birth, at least in accepting the altar call. Anyway, my main thrust today is to reminiscent of those early days of being born again and the key factor that aided some of us into worship and praise of the Lord. It was in those early days that Hosanna! Music and Integrity Music begun to produce thousands of anointed praise and worship songs from anointed worship leaders.

I remember walking as though there were springs under my feet into those Wednesday services. The hall was filled and the atmosphere rented with high praises from Don Moen, Ron Kenoly, Eugene Greco etc. Oh my God! The atmosphere was different from what it was in whatever churches we were coming from that couldn’t save us. This was a new order of coming into the presence of God.

Looking back at those days, I could still feel the moment. I still remember those songs and they still bring the presence of God down. They minister to the Lord. They sing about Him. They exalt His names. They focus on the Lord of Lords, pouring out their affection and admiration to Him. They sing the scriptures. The focus of all Hosanna! Music’s songs are (were) Jesus, the Father and the Holy Ghost! No guile! No self glory. They were too overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit to consider mimicking the world and its worldly musics. No way! Yet many were being saved into the Kingdom of God – rescued from the clutches of the devil, despite its alluring hands and music. The anointing makes the difference.

The worship was a deep desire and expression unto God. It was into this we were baptized, feeling and experiencing the love of the Father. Time of praise and worship was never 10 or 15 minutes! Never! It was forever! We reveled in His presence with worship until the thick cloud would come down and the pastor would not be able to jump up to preach. He had to “solemnly” walk up the pulpit and continued the worship until the unction for worship lifted. Then he would minister the Word.

Where has the worship gone? Why have we constrained the Holy Spirit from having a free reign in His Own Church? Why? For the Father is seeking worshipers; He is seeking those that will minister to Him – not sing to gratify themselves. The Father is still seeking worshipers!

I ask – how much of His Words do you sing back to Him? Do you minister in songs before the Lord? “Will my people worship me in the Spirit? Will they depart from their ways and praise my name for who I AM? Will they put behind their needs and worship before me?”

Let me share below the YouTube links of some of those songs that blessed me as I sat in my room in university listening to them at all time. I’m still blessed having them. When you listen to them, you will see that the focus is Jesus, the Father and the Holy Ghost. It is time to return to the ancient landmark and rebuild the walls of genuine worship and praise in our lives.

I pray you are blessed as you listen to them.

Don Moen
If you didn’t hear this song in the early and late 90’s, I wonder what you were listening to.

Ron Kenoly
Believe you me, this one of the highest praises that shook the earth in those days, even till now.

Bob Fitts
Another powerful worship song

Eugene Greco

Marty Nystrom

Jesus is Lord!

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