The Encounter With the Lord of Lords!

I had gone to fellowship with Him one early morning around 3 a.m at the chapel overflow (outside porch) facing a densely thick swampy parcel of land. When I got to the chapel, everywhere was silent. One voice whispered to me, “Supposing the cult boys or bad people show up now to kill you?” I screamed from within me “Shurrrup! (slang for Shut up) I am before the Lord. No harm can come near me now!” Whoa! Where did that come from?

On this fateful morning, I noticed the atmosphere was different. I couldn’t tell if it was physical or not. But by what happened later in that early hour, I knew it was spiritual. As my custom was I wanted to start with praise, move to worship and then pray…maintain silence in case He wants to speak. I learnt that “maintaining silence moment” when I read about Eli’s instruction to young Samuel. So I found out that I could not do any praise nor worship as I had “doctrinally” gotten used to. I later knew that the Lord empowers us by His Spirit to teach us the procession to His presence. He can choose to hear praise or worship songs. Or simply direct to read His Word. Or just say, be still. He is a Sovereign Lord. You can’t gate-crash into His presence. So, I tried praying, but it didn’t flow. I sat down, wondering what to do.

Suddenly, I felt a worship song gently coming up in my heart and I also gently started singing it. I was too afraid to shout it out lest I lost the connection. I continued. Before I could blink there was a sudden feeling coming upon me. I gently stood up and I continued worshiping Him. I was overwhelmed with how He just dropped a song in my heart. I was pouring out my heart to Him in singing that song. I can’t remember how long I sang the song or another, but at a point I could not stand any more – not out of tiredness. I went down flat on my face, full of tears muttering, “I worship you the Lord of Lords, I worship you Jesus. My Lord, my Saviour, my Redeemer. I worship you. I honour you. I welcome you my Lord. Who am I to stand before you. The Lord of Lords…” I was flat on the floor in tears. There was a mighty presence coming down. I could not lift my face up. Gradually, I became speechless as the presence intensified. With my eyes shut tightly, it was as if behind the inside walls of my eyelids became a transparent glass, seeing through to what is outside. I saw the heaven open and the Son of Man descending from what looked like a staircase from heaven to the earth. Majestically, He climbed down each step. As He was coming closer to me I was feeling the more speechless. His presence was sweet to behold but froze my lips and tongue. Only tears flowing out of my eyes.

Out of His body emanated extremely shining light. I guessed that was His glory. He was gentle and comely. The Lord of Lords! He had a sword in His hand. He had a scroll also in His hand. He had a crown on His head. He came closer to me and it was as though I should melt into the ground. I was worthless to have Him touch me. Who am I? His manifest presence was radiating great light, piercing into my whole body – a soothing but an uncomfortable feeling. It was piercing into my whole body. It was too intense, entering me. I was feeling great discomfort but beholding Him. Same feelings till this day whenever He shows up. The Lord stretched out His hands and said, “Take, eat. I have put my Words in your mouth like a coal of fire. Speak my Words. Deliver my Words. I have given you power to build, to build and to cast down. Speak my Words…You will know me. You will hear me when I speak. I shall speak to you plainly. You are my battle axe…” He spoke for more than thirty minutes with different things. I was as though dead on the floor. Motionless as He spoke on. Moving a part of me was as though it would profane the moment. Who can stand before the Lord of Lords? His presence radiates great power. I laid still as He spoke so many things that I still remember till date – stored up in my spirit. This was in 1993. I couldn’t move. Neither did I have any pen to write. I wasn’t even sure I would have been able to raise a limb to write with that presence.

After He finished speaking, the vision stopped. Gradually, the presence started lifting and I could move again gradually until I sat up. I was sober for another half an hour or more. I could not utter a word again. Thinking and replaying the vision in my head. I was dazed with the experience. Truly, the presence of the Lord Jesus is very intense and creates a different encounter and feeling in the body, spirit and soul. All the time. The glory of His presence is both soothing and does something to the body. I’m short of words on this. It humbles a man!

By the time it was getting to 6:30 a.m. other denomination brothers and sisters started coming to the chapel to also pray. No one knew what had just transpired between 4 and 5 a.m. at that chapel overflow. I stood up and went back to my room (1.8 miles away).

Sober all day.

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