Are you going through anguish of heart? Through very painful heart ache? The pain is so much that you wonder if you will wake up tomorrow! Your heart pounding heavily under your chest as though you are about to suffer heart attack? Do you utter “This is too much for me to bear, Lord. I feel worthless, totally rejected. No value in me. Rejected by someone I so trust. Worst sinner that cannot find your mercy. Cast out before your face. Smitten so badly. Hurt so bad. Given up to the will of my enemies, rejoicing at me, mocking and laughing at my trouble. Triumphing over my calamities. My anguish. I can’t bear it anymore.”


Do you wish the light will dim and the darkness will envelope you forever. Do you feel you can muster the strength to live another day?

I have a word for you! You are not alone. You will come out of it. Your feelings are understood but there is Someone who wrote the script of your life. He is the One that knows what happens to you at every point in time. According to the Word of God in Isaiah 53:6 – “All we like sheep have gone astray; We have turned, every one, to his own way; And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.”

We have all turned away from the Lord. We have always figured we can do it on our own. We have always leaned on our own understanding, on our own intelligence. We always think the facts can guide us. We always feel we are smart. But the Lord who created you and I want us to depend on Him. He is like a father to a child. Have you ever seen a 75 year old father still eager to assist his 42 year old child? It is the natural instinct of a loving father. We are always a child in the sight of our parents. Not to despise us but they have seen us in our frailty growing up to become what we are now. They know us; they know our weaknesses and strengths. They are ever eager to step in and help us as though we are still a child. Amazing love!

How much more our Heavenly Father! The One who created all human beings! How much love we can get from Him who created all things! The One who looks down from heaven and is often touched by the feelings of our hurts; touched by that brokenheartedness; touched by that heart ache; touched by that pains you are going through. (Hebrews 4:15) Can you fathom the greatest love of all? The invisible yet so real – the Love of God! So powerful! He is waiting for you to reach out to Him. Have you told Him about it? Have you poured out your heart to Him today? Have you shut the door behind, lying down in tears, pouring out your hurt to Him? Will you tell Him line by line how hurtful you are, how disappointed, used and abused you are? Will you tell Him how the pain hurts your heart so much that you don’t feel like living again? Will you ask Him to come and soothe the pain of your heart? He said, Come unto me all that are heavy laden with burdens of life and hurts of life and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28). He saw you in this situation many years ago when He said in His Word in Jeremiah 8:22 that, “Is there no balm in Gilead, Is there no physician there? Why then is there no recovery For the health of the daughter of my people?” He is the very healing Balm. He is a Healer! He heals the brokenhearted; He makes whole the abused.

That woman ran to the feet of the Master – death behind her, but the Giver of Life in front of her. Behind her were the stone-throwers, the killers, the oppressors, the mean and heartless ones, the haters, the scornful, the abusers. She was at the lowest ebb of her life. She could have done it for any reason. Death loomed upon her. She was going down the valley of the shadow of death – very fast. Life draining off her – abused and dejected; confused and hopeless. She fell at the feet of the Great Physician! Did she know who she was before? Maybe, maybe not. But destiny (call it the divine hands of God) has brought her to the turning point of her life.

This is where you are now!

She laid flat before the Lord of Lords; the One who can say, “You are forgiven. Go!” The One who has power in heaven and on earth to forgive and make whole! She laid flat at His feet of mercy. Always, the Mercy of God always prevails over judgement! She waited for the mercy to respond to her in this dire and deadly hour of judgement – as her violators and oppressors waited to sniffle life out of her. Lord, Your Mercy prevails over judgement!

Hell stood still, waiting to receive her body. Behold, I say behold the Lord of Lords arose with mercy – He lifted His face from the ground and uttered an eternal Truth, Grace and Mercy that always find sinners like you and I. The Master said, “He who has not sinned before let him cast the first stone at her.” Your Mercy triumphs over judgement! Hell disappointed! Her appointed with death canceled by the Lord of the Universe. One by one the demons of violence and death walked away from her back. Alone on the ground, shivering for she knew not what has happened. Still in the body or out of body, she knew not.

The Master looked down on her with mercy and compassion and uttered the soothing words, “Woman, where are your accusers?”Short of saying, where are the after effects of your sins now that you have run to me? Where are the throes of death, the palpitation in your heart that frightens you? None! None when you lay them before the Lord.

And the Lord continued, “Neither do I condemn you”. Neither? Did she hear right? The mercy of God! “Getup, Go and sin no more!” The sins are forgiven. The judgement is wiped away by the Lord. Just like that? Yes! God is the Mystery of all things! His Word heals. He is the Only One that forgives and no one can castigate! He is the Only One that sets free and no one can bound. He is the Only One that heals, no one can strike. (John 8: 2 – 12).

That is the Lord that I am introducing to you now. Roll the hurt to Him and let Him give you rest in your heart. The mystery of the Kingdom of God is in simple faith. Alone as you are, He is with you. He is seeing you now. Why don’t you talk to Him to heal you of this hurt and His power will come down and make you whole now! In the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Tell Him now! Talk to Him. Lay before Him,. Tell Him how painful it is. Let Him heal you completely in the name of Jesus!

It is done! Congratulations!

Listen to the song by Doen Moen (Hossana! Music) that says is all according to the scripture – we are like a sheep that have gone astray, but the Lord made the provision for us all to come back at some point or the other. Click here to  listen to the song.

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