‘Take heart children,’ mother consoles
But sorrow has conquered it
Weeping endure for a night
But joy comes in the morning
When tears shall cease falling
When child shall weep no more
And the storm shall blow calm
And the sunlight shall pierce out after rain

‘Weep no more children,’ mother again consoles

Alas, the breaking of the new dawn
The rumbling of fire
Thunderstorm, lightning, flashes!
The roaring of His thunder!

Who has roused Him out of His Chamber?
Who has caused Him to arouse like a man drunk with wine?
Who has caused Him to stir Himself to war?

Yea, the Lord has gone forth as a mighty man
Like a lion He roars in the desert
Who can stand Him?
He has stirred up jealousy like a man of war
He has roared His voice
Yea, He roars!
He prevails against his enemies

Rest, my soul, for He has gone forth like a man of war
He shall return with His spoils

A new dawn, glorious in His holiness
Depart not from the ancient path
Strait and holy path
Abundance of dromedaries have come

A glorious throne!
Who can compare?
Glorious honour!
Who can compare?
Glorious than former
Exalting the Throne of Grace!
Alas! Envy not for great is His faithfulness

Shhh! Rejoice not for He comes with His fire
To recompense evil
Stubble for stubble
He shall recompense
Who can hold Him back?
In His fury, He arose to lay waste the evil
Hey! He is Man of War!

His Mercy endures forever!
The Lord be praised on high!

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