There He overly reaches out to me
Love that knows no bound
That knows no end of days
That knows no end of seasons

Get thee behind me!
For I know better
Riches will fade away
Garments will roll up like sky
Wine will dry up
Revelry will end on earth
But there is that which never ends

Awake my heart upon your bed
For I will sing upon my bed a melody
To who? you ask
Hold thy breath!
Let me utter strange things of old
My tongue like the pen of a ready writer
Day by day, morning by morning He wakes my ears
To hear of His
Yeah and I am not rebellious

My heart pounds at Your thoughts
I look and gaze into the oblivion
Is He there? Is He speaking to me?
My heart quests
For great is thy love
Not by fiery darts! Nay
Nor by earthly juggles

Ask me not to tell thee the meaning
Go to thy lovers if they will help thee
For I found mine in the quietness of the day
Awake! Awake! My heart
Sing melody to thine Maker
To thine Love. My Rock!

Look unto Him, the Rock
He never fails
Though festival may end
Alas, the Bridegroom has adorned His bride
The marriage feast comes and will never end

Awake from your slumber
Put on your robe of priests
Sing a new song
Let your heart makes melody to the King

Awake unto the Bright Morning Star
And you shall live
Sorrow not after that which perishes
But thirst after Eternal Water
That never dries
Gushing unto everlasting and everlasting
Yes! The Rivers of Living Water

My soul longs after Thee
My heart pants after Thee like a deer
In the dry and dusty land
My soul longs for Your heart
I awake upon my bed
Beholding the beauty of your house
Yea, in my spirit
For You are gracious and faithful
My soul desires your salvation
To those that seeks Thee

Awake my soul!
Awake to His Words!
Awake to righteousness
Till it floods the earth

Jesus is Lord!

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