Let hope rise in your heart. As the day dawns and the Bright Morning Star arises, awakes to His strength. Awake to His Honour. A new day of glory, adorned with grace and beauty of holiness.

Hope in His deliverance! Hope in His favour. He comes! He arrives with His promises! Hope in God.

Oh I see His rising! His coming! Descending in His majesty, adorned in glory! Alas! Not His second coming. But to answer the prayers of His saints. His bride. Suffering has endured for the night. The day comes! The day has risen! Arise my songs! Arise, my songs that I may sing to Him that sits upon the throne! Who can compare to Him amongst the gods?

I hear His River. The river overflows. Yeah, River of Life. River of Joy from His spirit. Hope! For it makes not ashamed. Oh, that strings could be played upon; that the fruit of His love could yield its juice. Love He is, so deep and cherished. So precious and sweet. His promises are here. Now, not far. There He comes with His rewards.

Like a traveler, He comes to His abode with gifts. Gifts of His love. His love that burns vehemently that no waters can quench.

Drown us in Your Love Oh Lord! And we shall live to remember your joy. Stay us drunk with your flagon of love. Jesus! You are the man of men. We shall lean on your shoulder for government. For peace of reigns!

Oh! We are your body, your Bride. Your government is upon us. Oh, You thought of us is of good with an expected end. Your zeal shall perform this. Our vats overflow. Oh, You that was and is and is to come; with no asunder. You to us, we to You in the covenant of your blood. Blood so precious in the sight of the Father that sits on the mercy seat. There, mercy and truth met together for the purging of our iniquities! There your righteousness and peace have kissed each other. Hope in the LORD for joy comes in the morning.

Hope in the LORD!

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