Lay men – Men that came from all walks of life. Simple and innocent. Burdensome and despairing. In debt and in abundance. Desiring of what is to come upon their nation. They had read the torahs. They knew the Messiah would come one day as prophesied by the prophets.

There they were on the dusty paths of Galilee, behold the Lamb of God showed up on the scene of life, full of grace and truth. He was comely and full of the Spirit, without measure. He walked in their midst, anointed with the Holy Ghost, going about healing all that were oppressed of the devils. For God was with Him. (Acts 10:38).

He preached the Kingdom. Not the benefits. Surely, bread is for the children. They follow naturally those that seek His Kingdom first. (Matthew 6:33). He glorified the Father not Himself. He came to reveal the Truth, the Way and the Life. He was the Son of God in flesh. The Word that became flesh, beholding His glory as that of the Father. (John 1:14). 

God with us – Emmanuel! Who can fathom it? Who can comprehend it? Who can lay it to heart? Spoken by prophets but incomprehensible in the wildest imagination of man that The One who established the heaven, even the heavens, angels and the universe would condense so low to take on the form of man. Descended from His heaven of heavens to be with man! A mere man! A mere man that you choose to be mindful of! That you clothe him with glory and honour! (Psalms 8:4 -8). 

Who are we to receive You, the Lord of lords, the Lord of Host, of mighty angels? He humbled Himself to us. The epiphany of humility! The Divinity among men.

His Words pierced the souls, confronted the Pharisees and Sanhedrin (the religious orders of His days). They hated Him, yet He hated them not. He said “Pray for your enemies and those that spitefully use you”. He thought hard messages. Ears winked. Nose jeered. What manner of saying is this? They wondered at His call to the new birth in the Holy Spirit. He ruffled the hearts of the rich, challenging them to prove the evidence of their eternal rest and bliss if they conquer the whole world but have no part with Him.

The whole heavens and earth stood still the day my Lord came down; the day He succumbed to the death on the cross; the day the sons of men scourged Him, reviled Him, yet He spoke not!

How can we pay back that which was done to You? How can we allow Your death to be in vain?

The Lord, Most High did all these for you and I. Like a sheep before the shearer, He was silent. In pain and so much agony that cannot be described, He declared finished all the works of the enemy! He broke loose the prisoners from the great dungeon; He let go those appointed to death by the covenant of His blood!

He tore the veil open to make an end of the hidden secrets! He bridged the gap between God and mankind!

That we may seek Him by and for ourselves! He declared finished the works of flesh; the sacrifices of bulls, rams, lambs and goats! He substituted His blood for their blood. No more blood of chicken, lambs, rams and goats. He did not become the Kings of king by the shedding of the blood of humans. He was not enthroned by the blood of innocent. He shed His own blood to ascend the throne.

Remember, you kings of the earth that shed innocent blood to ascend the throne! Be like Him; renounce every work of darkness that you may live! (Isaiah 53: 7-12).

Jesus paid the ultimate prize. He set the captives free!

I say, He sets the captives free. Free from the ordinances of evil both past and present. Set free from all sins and wages thereof. He calls us to seat with Him in the same power and authority. (Colossians 2:14).

As many as believe in Him, He gives the power to become the sons of God.

He gave birth to a new order of power. He was with them – introduced new access to the Father; new access to His power. Not leaving us comfortless. His Words were and are power. Teaching, yet the power present to heal. Who can fathom it? Who dare to believe Him? His ordinary Words, attracting power to heal! Dare you to believe Him!

God in flesh. God with us! Tarry! Tarry till you receive power, He instructed them. Mere men and women, seeking solace from Him that just ascended before their eyes. Broken but united! Sorrowful but hopeful. Hopeful of that coming upon the face of the earth.

Suddenly, the Mighty One arrived. The Thunderous Presence of the Trinity. Mighty in manifestation. The Power of the Godhead! The Lord of lords descended in a mighty rushing wind; like fire to burn the tares. The Lord of Glory thunders. The King of Glory thunders into their presence. Who can stand Him? Who can be in His Presence? In the presence of the Lord of all the earth. The elements are in His command. My King of Glory descended in a mighty way. The Lord Mighty in battle! The Lord of Glory enveloped man like a cloth.

“I will dwell in them, and they will dwell in me.” Who can stand Your Presence? Who can rise in Your Presence? Who is the flesh?

His Honour, His Glory, His Power, His Dominion came down for men and women to work in victory, to live in dominion, to do His work and to finish it.

Lord, we give You glory for who You are and for what You are to us! Let Your Name be forever praised in all the earth. Let all men and women come to the knowledge of Your Son Jesus to the glory of Your Kingdom, Your Throne and Your Eternal Being!

Help us Lord to walk worthy of You in all our ways! Help us Lord. Help us by Your Spirit to do the work of Jesus today and forever more.


Listen to the song below and get blessed the more:


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