Hope! Hope!! Hope in the Lord, my heart. In the heart of darkness is hidden the birth of a new day. Gloomy and shadowy as the valley of death. As silence and hollowness rent the wilderness of Kadesh, the wilderness so fearful and tiresome was the son of man in pursuit of life.

Shadow! Oh, empty shadow of night! Scary as the unseen agent of darkness. It appeared man was alone. Lonely. Oh, Loneliness of heart, sickening as the stupor of the wine. Hanging over. Let me go, the heart cries. Flying away to where the rest is, there I shall lie down amidst Your creatures and shall see comfort.

Oh, that my head were rivers of waters and my eyes a fountain of tears. That I might weep days and nights till I see Thy Glory. In the depth, where deep calls to the deep. Amid the seas and the floods compassing me about; all your willows and your waves passing over me. Wrapped around my head. To the bottom of the mountains with the bars of the earth proudly raised. Wherewith shall help come from? Wherewith shall safety be found? Wherewith? The cover from the torrential rain, the shade from the scorching sun? Where is the cool of the wind in the eventide? Where is the freshness of the waters of life? Where? Where is the Bright Morning Star that brightens the day? Where is the depth of love, even the breadth and the length thereof? Where is the cornerstone of the building, the very foundation of existence?

Where is He that sits upon the circle of the earth and does what He likes? Where is He that instructs the sun to give the light of the moon, even the stars to glitter? Where? Where is His abode that He may be found? Where dwells Him that He may be followed home? Where lays Him that He may be sought?

Oh, man! That we would know where He dwells. That we might know the greatness of His power towards us who believe. Dwell Him in a house of cedar or bricks? No! A body He has prepared – an earthen vessel of His likeness and imagery – and inside He dwells.

For says Him at some time I will dwell in them for I have desired them for my habitation, my rest forever where I will dwell, for I have desired her.

Oh man! That we would know what is ours. That we would know our hope of glory. Hope in Him. Though deferred, when the desire comes, it is a tree of life. Tree that passes not away, yielding its fruits in its season. Fruits sweet and precious, as the silvers of God, our God.

Hope in the LORD!

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