This is a new day; this is a new season that I have spoken in time past; this is the era and the dispensation of my grace like never before. Let not your heart say “What is this that we are beholding?” For you will not understand; for by My Spirit I shall make known Myself; by My Spirit I shall reveal Myself, line by line, and precept upon precept.

For so shall I cause it to lighten the gentiles and to brighten the shadow of death. Say not “We know not His ways” For my ways are not your ways. I take away that which is first that I may establish the second. Turn and behold. Turn and behold.

Behold the new way. For you have beheld the shadow of my glory in time past, but now I say turn and behold. Turn and you shall hear a voice behind you. Turn and behold. Behold my goodness, behold my mercy like never before. Behold and behold. For now I bring to pass my Words. Behold the Word that becomes flesh that He may dwell in your midst. For by the working of my grace and truth I shall make known in the dispensation of time the magnitude of my awesomeness, of my strength and majesty. Late they have always being. Oh, now I spring forth like herbs of the field that I may feed every flock of my pasture.

Turn and behold my goodness. Goodness like rivers, flowing from my holy mountain unto my own. Turn and see my goodness. My goodness have I promised this house. My favour have I showed upon this house. For in the day of my wrath have I had mercy on thee; in the day of indignation have I beheld the work of my hand. The labour of my womb, shall I forget? For I have not spoken in the secret places of the earth, neither have I said that you seek me in vain. Lo, that you may know that I am GOD and I change not.

I am GOD. Though you change and like a seed is blown up and down. Lo, I come that I may establish you. Establishment, establishment I hear. To establish that which has eluded men for long. Oh, for they cry for help; the need on the hill; the poor in the pit. And I shall lift them up; I shall say here I am when they call on me. I shall be their father and their God. Let them know that the hearts of them that seek me shall find me; the hearts that forsake me shall bear their reproach. They shall say this is the God whom we have forsaken.

Rise to see; rise to know what it is that I am doing now in the spirit of meekness and humility; lay hold on me and so shall I take you up to that which you never know nor see. A new day. A new beginning; a new ordeal of my affairs to the sons of men. Now shall all ears behold and tingle at that which I begin to do.

Stand upright and be strong. Oh, times of refreshing; let not any man deceive you that that day shall not come; for I created the ears and the mouth. I created the tongue that speaks great and mighty things. Stay in that which I have called you, step not into that which is strange.

Oh, let the flood carry that which is to be destroyed away. And let Israel prevail. Let Jacob live forever and let Israel prevail; for Israel shall prevail like a lion; Israel shall crouch like a young lion. My son shall, like a lion’s whelp, leap upon his prey. My son shall, like a mighty one, seize his prey and devour, walking home in the majesty of his Father.

My son, hear my instruction, obey my words and let them be like honey to your heart. Let your understanding be of me and not of the sons of men. For they shall deceive; they shall only speak that which they know, and I, your Father, shall speak that which I AM; that which I do now and forever; that which change not. I speak now and do now. Let no guile be found in you for you are the son of the Most High GOD.

Remember that which you are; remember from that which you were hewn; from my Rock. And turn to my strength at all times; for I will never leave you nor forsake you. Remember my faithfulness of old and now. Cheer your countenance up and let my glory shine forth out of you.

I leave with you my peace that you may stand in your lot forever; for I am your lot and your portion, says the LORD who is Almighty.

Prophecy received in 1997.

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