Dependence! O sorrow be the day of your earthly usage
Surely you tread on a smooth road
And dare not ever to lose your offspring
For many have you

Who are those that ever clings to its apron?
To come and hear the soul of the deserted?
Share not my grief
Oh, the earthly being!

The wind blew gale
The birds screeched in terror
And unrest covered the sea
The face of the earth was slapped by austerity

Alas! Where was Him to cover us?
Swallowed with venoms from all ungodly eyes and noses
Hatred, I say, budded from temporary sheltering
O, good heaven! No solace from the venom of the wicked

Want us not in this world
But find us living
Want no goodness for us
But see us sharing it
Wish us dead
But the glory of the Almighty shines on us
Want us to receive no mercy
But Mercy found us
Want us to eat
But not with the satisfaction

Shame and death! To him that commits to evil
For the work of evil is their doing
Alas! Possessed by the manly agents of demon
The hands of the benevolent closed in anger
Mind poisoned before us
Stung us until fallen of the apron
Oh, the evil men commit on earth against fellow!
Have your souls lacked compassion for the poor?

The wicked rejoice in their evil deeds
Hatred growing in heart like wildfire
Fanned by the cynics
My God, the face that knew us before
Have come around now to deny us

What a change of life!

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